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Lil Demon

Monday, July 28, 2008

i was looking for interesting videos and i saw this one
a 6 year old breakdancing this is awesome he is so good
and so young.....his Filipino by the way


Sona 2008

i have not listened to PGMA's sona attentively
but i understand some cause i need to our
teacher in ecomomics will surely give a test
about it im 99% sure. But i don't wanna elaborate...
guess why?

Back to the sona i don't really care
about her achievments, her promises what's
important is for her to put it into action
and for ordinary people to feel what she
have done(for the better of course)not just
by merely stating figures.



we have no classe today but guess what
instead of fooling around all day and
doing nothing i already made my project
i guess im being more responsible than
before.....and im proud of myself

i have been surfing the web and i saw a
lot of good blogs out there nice contents
nice backgrounds wide viewership and all
made me inspired to make my blog better
also made me think that im just a beginner
in this fild but it's alright everyone
starts as beginners.......



Sunday, July 27, 2008

i will post more regularly after our


Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

nice song from two singers that i like...



Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


The Dream Keeper by Longston Hughes

Bring me all of your dreams
You dreamer
Bring me all of your Heart Melodies
That i may wrap them.
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too rough fingers
of the World.

It's a very nice poem makes you
think that you could reach for
your dreams with the help of God.



right now im experiencing a lot of stress but
i still see to it that i sleep a lot cause that's
the only thing i could do to energize myself.

last week was mainly study,sleep,study,sleep cycle
i started going home early this days.......

but i bet that this week and next week will be more

I have been wanting to post the things i've observed
around me this past few days but i tend to forget all
of them and right now i don't know were to start!=(



This days i have been very busy doing projects and
assignments that why i have forgotten to update my
blog for a while.


Legendary ERASERHEADS Reunion Concert CONFIRMED

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

well they're one of my favorite OPM band ever!!!

and way back i thought i won't see them together
anymore but now it's already confirmed!

this makes me really excited...^^

here's the whole article:

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.

According to the STAR source, all the original members (photo) are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy.

Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

So much water, so to speak, has flowed under the bridge since the band broke up years ago.

Ely, who survived a heart attack two years ago, has formed two bands, Mongol (which didn’t last long) and Pupil (still playing).

‘It took one big company to bring the former band members together,’ said the source who is keeping the company’s identity ‘confidential’ for the time being.

Really now, don’t the Eraserheads fans wish that the band would stay together not just for a one-night-only concert but for good...for old time’s sake?— Ricky Lo


Alicia Keys in Manila again!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

While i was looking for news about lifenouse live in manila
i saw an article stating that Alicia Keys will be here as well
My friend is really gonna be happy about this cause she's really
a fan.....
well heres then whole article from MTV Philippines again...

MTV Philippines and Music Management International are bringing back eleven-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys live in Manila! Expect an edgier and sexier Alicia Keys to entice her thousands of fans with a live performance at the SM Mall of Asia Complex on August 5! Everything is surely sweeter the second time around, so expect her smooth powerful voice and uninhibited lyrics to give you another amazing musical experience that only Alicia Keys can give!

American R&B musician and film actress Alicia Keys has gained the respect of millions of music lovers all over the world with her own original compositions. Her works are expressed through skillfully weaved melodies, her eager pounding on the piano keys and her soulful voice that altogether creates a musical journey that no one can ever experience with any other musicians. Alicia Keys has indeed given us remarkable albums with a blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop, rap, funk, groovy sounds you name it! That’s why it’s no surprise that she has sold over 25 million albums worldwide as of 2007, and has received numerous awards including 11 Grammy Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards and 14 NAACP Image Awards.

At the age of seven, Alicia J. Augello-Cook has already began playing the piano, learning classical pieces such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. This is the reason why she chose Keys to be her stage name as she had always felt the name represented her both as a performer and as a person.

Alicia Keys got us hooked with her first studio album Songs in A Minor, which sold over ten million copies worldwide. That established Keys’ popularity both inside and outside U.S. where she also became the best selling new artist of 2001. The album gave us her first chart topping single “Fallin” and “A Woman’s Worth” which led her to win 5 Grammy Awards.

Keys soon followed her debut album with The Diary of Alicia Keys which sold over 618, 000 copies worldwide making Keys the sixth biggest- selling album by a female artist and second biggest selling album by a female R&B artist. The album gave us the huge hits “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You Don’t Know my Name” that got her 4 Grammy Awards.

Alicia Keys did it again last year, as she presented us her third studio album As I Am, which debuted number one on the charts. Her lead single “No One” was an instant hit, and earned her the “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance” and “Best R&B Song” at the Grammy Awards this year.

Watch out for her powerful performance on August 5, 2008 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. If you missed it before, now is your chance to catch up and watch Alicia Keys live! To reserve tickets, call TicketWorld at 891-9999. For more information, tune in to MTV Philippines on Channel 57 on Sky Cable (or ask your cable operator for channel designation) or log on to For sponsorship inquiries, call MTV Philippines at 706-1580.


Lifehouse in Manila

I'm a fan of lifehouse while we were travelling yesterday
i saw a billboard stating that lifehouse will be here in manilato perform in Araneta but i really can't go cause i don't have
any budget and that's really sad but i can't do anything about it.
anyways here's the article from MTV Philippines...

LIFEHOUSE Live in Manila!!!
Jun 19, 2008

With Who We Are, their fourth Geffen album in seven years, Lifehouse, all still in their mid-20s, are really starting to enjoy the fruits of their success and have some fun. Their multi-platinum 2000 debut, No Name Face, produced “Hanging by a Moment,” a #1 alternative hit which crossed over to become Top 40’s Most Played Song, while 2005’s self-titled platinum effort yielded “You and Me,” a giant hit ballad that set a record by spending more than 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, Lifehouse are not just the sum of their considerable accomplishments.

On Who We Are, singer-songwriter Jason Wade—along with drummer Rick Woolstenhulme and bassist Bryce Soderberg—gets back to the basics of what made him first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California. Says Jason: “We just love making music and feel really lucky to be able to continue doing it.”

Producing themselves for the first time with Jude Cole, who also co-wrote several of the new songs, that joy comes across unfettered on the rocking twang of the lead single, “First Time,” already climbing the Hot A/C and Top 40 charts, a fond look back at the butterflies and excitement of the initial rush of romance.

“It just felt urgent, like a first kiss, a first love,” says Jason. “Like the first time you realize there’s more to that relationship than you thought. I had to dig a little for that one, but I find myself at a place where I can write stuff that’s a little deeper than your average love song in terms of emotion.”

The approach was also pretty fresh. The band didn’t record demos before entering the recording studio. Wade brought in a skeleton of a song and the group worked on it as a unit. “Nobody really knew what they would be playing,” explains Woolstenhulme, the musical purist of the group. “We just cut it, listened to it and realized it was pretty electric…the kind of song where you just turn up the radio.”

Known for his brooding lyrics of teenage angst resulting from his parents’ divorce and his own poor relationship with his father, Wade explores more diverse songwriting topics this time around, putting himself into other characters in songs like “The Joke,” with its syncopated world beat, inspired by a newspaper article detailing the story of a British boy who hung himself after being bullied by schoolmates. Jason puts himself into the subject’s

shoes, with lyrics that could be right out of a suicide note: “When you find me in the morning/Hanging on a warning.”

The wrenching ballad “Broken,” with a chorus that recalls the Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” came out of a trip Wade took to Nashville to visit a dear friend waiting on a kidney transplant, as once again he identifies in first person: “I’m falling apart/I’m barely breathing/With a broken heart/That’s still beating/In my pain/There is healing/In your name/I find meaning/So I’m holding on/Barely holding on to you.”

Lifehouse’s love of British rock comes across in the avant-Europop of “Make Me Over” with its ethereal opening and falsetto vocals (Wade: “Sometimes you’ll do anything to be in love, even becoming someone else”), while the stark, Plastic Ono Band strains of “Learn You Inside Out” is one of the rare songs Wade penned on piano.

“I wrote it really quick,” he recalls. “We decided just to freestyle. It was one of those moments when we really grew as a band, being able to reach each other and know where we’re going.”

“This record came very naturally,” agrees Bryce, the newest member of Lifehouse, who cut his teeth on tour before entering the studio with his bandmates. “On the road, we’d throw a song out during sound check and it just flowed together. There was a great deal of spontaneity involved. We were into similar influences. It felt like we were on the same page musically.”

“We’re closer as a band than ever,” nods Rick.

The raw energy of “Disarray” deals with Wade growing up in a strictly religious family, where questioning wasn’t allowed. “Angels, demons,” he says. “We all fight them both, and anyone who pretends they don’t is not someone I want to hang out with.” In fact, the group was liberated by being left alone to create without outside interference or pressure. “This time around it was about not having any preconceived notions,” confesses Jason. “It was about letting the tape machine roll and getting the music down spontaneously. I’m at a place where it doesn’t matter to me what other people think. I’m comfortable being myself. I’m writing from an honest place, not thinking about who’s going to hear it, what they’re going to think or how they’re going to interpret it. The lyrics can’t be contrived. They have to hit you right in the heart.” One song that does just that is the album finale, “Storm,” which Wade wrote at 16 “when I was going through hard times,” and was included on the band’s first indie record, 1,000 copies of which were pressed back when they were called Bliss. The original version has been circulated over the Internet by the group’s fans and was even licensed by the television show So You Think You Can Dance. Wade decided to re-record the song when he realized how much it meant to people. “That was fun to record because of its starkness,” says Jason. “We love the idea of the title, surrounded by negative space, like the a cappella beginning. Because when you’re lost in confusion, no matter how much is going on around you, you’re still alone.”

With all their radio airplay, multi-platinum sales and awards, Lifehouse are still intent on raising the bar, which makes Who We Are a revelation both musically and lyrically. “It’s stripped down, very raw, the way we are live,” says Bryce. “We discovered along the way that less is more.” “Since Bryce joined, this really has grown into a unit with its own personality and style,” concludes Jason. “We established camaraderie on the road and gelled as a unit. This record defines ‘Who We Are,’ which is why that’s the title. The sound fits where we’re at right now.” With Who We Are, Lifehouse are free to be exactly who they are…a rock band with a gift for melodies and lyrics that touch people.

Now, Filipino diehards can watch LIFEHOUSE live when the band comes to Manila July 26, 2008 at Araneta Coliseum. The show promises to be the most explosive event of the year so make sure that you don’t miss this high-octane night. This event is brought to you by NoCurfew Watch Store. For inquiries on how to get your hands on these coveted tickets, dial 813-2617 / 813-2612.


Time Management

I have to do a lot of projects and study for 3
different test
namely our school's Periodical Test,
NCAE, and different college school's entrance examso I guess I'm really busy this days so i really need
to start having time management since I'm a sleepy headand i really don't like incomplete number of sleeping
hours cause i can't think well and makes me really lazy.


First time im U.P

Yesterday we went to U.P to pass our application forms
me and my friends it was our first time so we have to
ask people for directions on were we are luckily they were
really helpful because we were tired haven't though of taking
which was quit off cause it's very beautiful there
and it's also so quiet. It's like no one is studying there.

Now i know that there are still a lot of good people in the
world well at least in my country.^^

On Monday were gonna no back there to finalize everything hopefully
we could already take pictures(crossfingers).


Wu Chun and Calvin Chen in the Philippines

Well im not much of a fan i just know them....
but i know some are really crazy over them.
Here's the videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credits to : MaikaChan987



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Every Saturday we have reviews and after every
review me and my friends go to the mall.

I have observe that there are really a lot of
around here from Asians to Westerners.
Really... just walk around and you'll see one no
wonder there are a lot of half-half around
in my class there's half Chinese,half Japanese,
1/4 Spanish
and many others and not to mention
those who are just descendants of other race.

But sometimes i feel that their invading the
country....they continue to affect the way people they dress,think and many more...

i don't know if it's a good or bad thing or maybe

and i actually call them invaders sometimes..^^


laziness is taking over me....

Haven't blog since last week i wanted to write
so many things here those days but i guess my
laziness has taken over me.

Right now i don't feel that well but i can still
handle it.


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