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Win Free EC Credits!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is my first try for a small contest in the blogging world^_^

This coming July i will be giving out EC credits to my top droppers..

                       The top dropper will get 600 EC Credits
                       2nd will get 400 EC Credits
                       3rd will get 200 EC Credits

                       and the top 3 will also get an FOC advertisement
                       on my blog

 TO JOIN(rules)
 - Make sure you have an entrecard account.
 - your blog must have a banner.
 - Put my banner in your blog or Repost this linking to my blog.
 - and last but not the least leave a comment on this post letting me know
    that you are joining and leave a link of your blog so i can check if you
    followed the rules..




Away from blogging for a week or 2

I'll be away from blogging for a week or two cause i have to get back on track with school works and stuffs. Because I still have some summer jetlag and it affects my study and schedule..So i have to sacrifice something to
do better. It will only take a week or two for me to adjust to my new school schedule and after that im sure i'll be able to handle updating my blog and  studying hard at the same time so until..then please bare with me..

Restraining from blogging this time includes Entrecard droppings...To my Entrecard Droppers i will be back before you even notice...^_^

uhmm..remembered  that the 30th is the Inauguration of the next Philippine President and i surely cannot miss that so that they would be an exception and besides i have no classes that day so im free to blog...^_^


King of Anything--Sara Bareilles

Monday, June 21, 2010

As School days passed by more and more projects to be made are being revealed from learning to calculate and evaluate different psychological test to numerous reports and assignment that other teachers are giving out and they mean things seriously. The pressure is going up while my moral is going down....i see a lot of things happening ahead of me and just thinking about it makes me tired and as a music lover one thing that can soothe my stress are nice here's one song i really like by Sara Bareilles

she's right who made you king of anything!!


Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am currently struggling to bring back my normal sleep pattern..because during summer i stay up so late that when the new semester i still sleep the summer way..that's why this past few days i have been going to school with  little to no sleep at all. So when i finish school i go home immediately just to catch up from the sleep i loss. Like right now i just woke up because i wasn't able to sleep decently last night....

but i won't let this lack of sleep keep me from posting a greeting for my papa

Happy Father's Day!!!

im really sorry for being a brat sometimes and  you calling me maldita..i promise to be
a more mature individual from now on..Love You^_^


The Chronicles of Narnia--The Dawn of the Voyage Treader

Friday, June 18, 2010

I truly enjoyed the last two Narnias and i have been wondering when the

next one will come out.. and today while going around youtube i saw the
official trailer of the movie. That makes me really excited.I haven't really
read the book version. So i like it base on the movie without ranting about
how it is different from the book. Sometimes it's better being a movie fan 
than a book fan cause it's really disappointing not seeing the scenes you 
imagined in your head happen in the big screen. Watch it guys cause i will 
surely do!

sucks embedding was disabled!


Back to School Tommorow

Monday, June 14, 2010

A new semester is starting and im not in anyway nervous maybe because i got really use to it now..

This new semester brings back memories of the first day of college for me..

I woke up early in the morning not knowing what to expect in my first..i didn't know anyone and i felt
like backing out..

The first fear was commuting a longer not really use to commuting alone specially when im gonna go to far place because when i was in grade school i was in a school service and when i started high school i commute for no more than 10-15 mins and that was my first concern. My dad even told my mom to go with me for the first day of school but out of pride i said no just cause i wanna show them im a big girl now.

The second was not knowing's really frightening..i got used to being with my friends almost every time because when i was in highschool im with them from the beginning to the end of a the school year. Remembering that really hurt me but i still gathered all the strength i had and entered the big gate in front of my new school.

The third one was being accepted of course everyone would want to be accepted. Im not really that sensitive towards what others think as long i have friends who believe in me..and that was the problem i didn't have any friend so i wondered if a group of people will be able to accept me and call me a friend.

Upon entering the school i saw how strong and opinionated the students in a state university here in the Philippines they welcomed us with a rally and i did not know how to react...i was not really in favor of rallying and all but

all of this change...i know already why they rally and they are not senseless people..they fight for something. Right now all the fright i had back then was gone and im now as comfortable to my new school as to my old. I now got a set of college friends who i can rely on in times of trouble and share the joy i have when im happy.but as a school song said.."Meet new friends and keep the old one is silver and the other's gold"


Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12 1898
Philippines' Independence Day...
The day that made our heroes dream come true of a free
Philippines and the day that gave justice to the death
of does who joined the Revolution.

and the reason why i can now freely execute my rites as a citizen
of the Republic of the Philippines and of the world.


Fleur de lis Creation Giveaway contest...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i joined a contest in Fleur de lis Creation blog cause they have really nice prizes and easy way of
entering the contest..

for more details go to

here are the rules:

1. You must be a one of my follower of this blog/store only! It's optional if you want to fallow me on twitter. (I will check to confirm that you are a follower just to be fair)
2. Leave a comment below saying Enter Me!
3. Simply post a new blog entry about this giveaway linking to this blog/store.
(you can also grab my store logo and place on you side bar)
4. If you don't have a blog you can post it on your Twitter or Facebook to let everyone know about the giveaway linking to this blog/store)

Don't Forget To Leave Your
Blog Url:
URL for the post about this giveaway:

The Prices:

1st draw: Costume made Sterling Silver Clustered Bracelet (you can pick what color you want) with two Bare Minerals Foundation and one Bare Mineral Veil

2nd Draw: One customize I love Paris Necklace (You can pick the 16" or 18" and the pendant color) Two Bare Mineral Foundation and One Mineral Veil

3rd Draw: One Pair Of Kiss Earrings, One Bare Minerals Foundation and One Mineral Veil


Lady Gaga--Alejandro

I like the song and all but there's something really disturbing about
the video..i don't know..hope this video isn't too misleading to others
that it will come out as anti-christ campaign cause if it does then i can
surely smell a lot of controversies coming....I like lady gaga..fashionable, different and all but seriously she is not really a very good influence/role
model to the younger generation better not let them watch or idolize her..
Cause her image is too strong for a kids mind...


It's my day today...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today is my birthday so i will not be
writing something long..cause im gonna
have dinner with my family, gosh i feel
older and legal!!! I'm 18 now.


God's Promises for Girls--Review

Saturday, June 5, 2010

As i told in my other post i receive the book from booksneeze

and this is my review..

Rating: 4.5/5

 By Jack Countryman and Amy Parker

On the inside:

The book contains compilation of bible verses that talks about 
what God promises to little girls for every trouble and doubts 
they will encounter in their lives. Despite being a children's 
book i believe that the things written on the book can be applied
to any adult situation. So why not let your little girl read this book
and at the same time learn from it too. Let her know how important
and special she is because someone up there a king treats her like a
princess. Who believes that what makes a person beautiful is the
inner being and that there is someone who will always look after
her and love her unconditionally.

    an excerpt (one of my favorite verses) 

     " You Need Comfort

    Jesus said, "Don't let your hearts be troubled.
           Trust in God. And trust in me."

           John 14:1 "

This is a promise that up to this day i keep and believe in.

On the outer appearance of the book: 

For me it's brings back good memories of my childhood. The 
cover is really pleasing to eyes. The art of the book catches the
essence of what is the written in a way that children will enjoy 
especially little girls. Really cute!

A complimentary copy was sent by Thomas Nelson


The book from BookSneeze has arrived!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I know that since international shipping will take a while i did'nt
really expect the book to come soon for me to know and i
was somehow not sure if it will even be sent but today my mom
woke me up and said that have a package from overseas and
immediately i realize that it was the book even though it took
a month to still expect a book review from
my blog this coming days......

What BookSneeze is offering is a really good deal

The real cost of the book was $12.99 and i got it for free
for just a 200 word review isn't that cool for book lovers like
me so join now!

I review for BookSneeze


Rainy Season is coming

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When i woke up this was raining so hard and
i think it was heaviest rain we had here in the Philippines
since the summer started and I'm really happy cause I'm not
an avid fan of summer cause it's so hot and you sweat a lot.
The only good thing about summer is the beach but that's not
really a problem since i live and a tropical country any day
that it doesn't rain means your good to go the beach or pools.

The only thing i hate about the rainy seasons is that it also marks
the start of classes and classes means less time to blog and slack
off and more time to study,write papers and listen to boring teachers.

But that's life we keep moving forward no matter what!


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