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Hostage Crisis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It took me a day to decide whether to comment on this sensitive topic..i don't wanna rush my thoughts and end up being too bias..

First of all only ourselves can decide whether we are good or bad. It is not others. All of us have reasons for doings things.

From a Filipino perspective. We Filipinos can sacrifice and restrain ourselves from confrontations as long as we can hold it back but once family becomes involve then that becomes a whole different situation..Filipinos have really strong family tights to the point that you go abroad and work to send money to your family back home leaving yourself with just enough money for food and rent.

and that's what triggered the infamous rolando mendoza seeing his family being dragged and arrest by the police.

I am not in favor of any side cause it is still not clear on how it ended up this way. You see judging a situation was never an easy thing a lot of underlying stories should be investigated. Most of all let's go back to where it all began. Why did it even cross his mind to hostage innocent people? Did he really do the crime he was accuse of? Why did'nt the court agreed on his appeal for a motion for reconsideration?

We cannot do anything anymore some already died and the world already saw how untrained philippine police are..So what are we going to do? For me it is to go back to the root of this which is the Law definitely this happened because of  the misuse of law and lack of some human rights related law. Training is very important too, you cannot just fire everyone who did mistakes. But we have to make sure that everyone up there is deserving and someone that can be a model for his subordinates.

Filipinos are not bad. One person's action cannot label a whole nation's values. It's sad how this one situation change how the world look at us. I hope that one day we can show you that we are not what you think we are..  

I sincerely give my condolence to the family of those who died from the hostage taking i will include them in my prayers so that they may rest in peace.

Lastly I am not ashamed that i am Filipino for what happened nor am i ashamed of rolando mendoza for what he did BUT what i am ashamed of is how many lives was wasted because of improper handling of situations.


The most important things i learned...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hmm..all exams are right now im going back to my laid back mode...

a lot of things happened to me this past few weeks..i was somehow enlightened and saddened by these events..but most of all i learned..i learned a lot. I've realize good things that i should have known way back then...

Lesson no.1

Don't judge a situation if you don't here both sides of the story..because it's people nature to tell the story in their perspective thus making the story a little bias because each would want to get your sympathy. This is something really common and it is not as bad as it's simply defending yourself and everyone does it even me.

Lesson no. 2

Stop looking/finding other people's faults and mistakes. Cause no one is perfect. Everyone will find something bad about someone. Yes we have to deal with imperfect people all our lives including ourselves. So deal and live with it.

Lesson no 3

Focus on the good points and not the bad points. This is both applicable to people and career. To people why focus on the bad things about them when there are bunch of good things you can say about others. In our career why choose a career when your not good at it at all. Choose a career you like and you are good at don't mind other people cause after all you won't succeed in that field if your not good at it.



Friday, August 6, 2010

Lately a have been depending on topics in girl talk for my post. It is for the reason that my mind is occupied with a lot of things and i feel that my brain is drained right girl talk providing a topic for me is a good way to continue blogging without the hassle of thinking what to write..^_^

Test week now have to study hard..again

wish me luck..^_^


GT: Reel Life

What movie would you recommend seeing with a friend?

First of all there a lot of good movies around and it would not be enough to write everything in this post..So i'll start by saying that when i'm with my friends we laugh a lot about anything, we talk about anything and do things when we want to them..

I want the movies i will watch with my friends to be something that we all can relate doesn't matter what genre it is as long as it could give us something to talk, laugh or argue about..

Chick Flicks are one of the top picks either american, korean or chinese is well accepted.
Disney-Pixar Movies are also favorites.We love talking about this movies, maybe because it brings back a lot of childhood memories.

as for what i recommend for my friends to watch it would be as follows..

Adventure-Action movies i really love those..
Kungfu movies love the killer moves of the lead character..
Comedy cause laughter is the best medicine

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GT: The Emo In Me

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is the  Emo in me? So let me start off with saying that i'm a very unpredictable person one moment im happy,loud and friendly then other moment i become really stubborn.

So what brings out the soft spot in me ..hmmm..It's Sincerity a sample situation would be someone spilling a drink on me..If that person apologize properly and i felt his sincerity then i would tell him its fine, but when he acts like a jerk and say sorry as if it was nothing then i would confront him. That would be the same for more serious situations..

So what brings out the worst in me? I don't usually talk back a lot. Especially to people whom i really don't know well. I just let them do the talking and I pretend to listen but of course i get a little annoyed but i can handle my anger. But once they say the one word stimulus that would make me lose control then that would be a whole different story..It's that me..

How do i show people they are important to me? well this is not my area of mastery..I was never showy to anyone not even my parents..I just make sure that they feel my presence and that i am there whenever they need someone to lean on.  I don't even show my jealousy well it always comes out funny and it looks like im just joking..but im really not..

As of now i am learning the art of controlling my emotions..I am a psychology student and it is very important in my course to understand what other people feel and think. This being said I should not get angry easily
because i should understand where they are coming from..and i am more knowledgeable of why they are doing those behaviors.  It's tough im only human after all but im trying my very best because i want to be like my psychology professors because they never seem to get angry..they are always so calm and compose..I wanna be like that someday..^_^

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