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New Year in the Philippines

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

well this is my first time to blog about my
New Year...

In the Philippines new year is celebrated quit
extravagantly a lot of family will really alot money
for this event and i think that's the same with
my family. My parents would buy a lot then cook stuffs
that's good for two days....

and their reason new year is just once a year why not spend..
and they believe that if you prepared alot it will give
your family a prosperous year.

as of fireworks i don't know if it's accurate but as far
as i know in other countries they only have designated
places for fireworks display, but it's very different here
every family will buy their own fireworks and use it when
the clock ticks 12 the best part is that they do that beside their for my family we do away with this kind of activity
cause a lot of people have lost body parts because of this practice..
we just turn the radio to it's maximum volume,,,,,and watch the
fireworks our neighbour lighted.

i just post this cause a i want too..^_^


Happy New Year ^_^

just drop by to greet everyone!!

May everyone have a Prosperous and Happy New Year


I failed

Friday, December 26, 2008

i failed...

i haven't change the way my blog look to blend
the season... well that's because im busy..obviously
cause i haven't post for a while..

this are the things that keep me busy for christmas break...

going out...with family/friends

im watching a taiwanese series right now which is surprisingly good
entitled fated to love you but it's actually quit long and kill all
my time online..

reading a the third installment of the twilight series entitled eclipsebut im not in my addict mode so i haven't made big progress in reading it..


Christmas is over....

Christmas is over...!!

in just a blink of an eye and it's over...just that..

i can still vividly remember my Christmas last year and
now this year's over..

that how fast time flies...

especially for me cause in 3 months time i will graduate
the so called happiest part of schooling which is "highschool"

and I'm thinking of a lot of

1. what college to go to..

2. Did i choose the right course (psychology)..there's still some part
of my mind that's battling whether to take this course or not..
in short I'm taking it..

3. the friends i have made that soon enough I'll have to leave..

4. will i succeed in my chosen field..

this are just some of the questions i have in mind!!!
i could just hope that in this 3 months time I'll get the answers i need..



Sunday, December 14, 2008

just drop by to tell everyone im not
gonna blog this week cause it's exam
week again...hopefully this christmas
break ill be able to update my blog more...




Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is fast approaching i think my
blog doesn't soothe the season i don't know
when i'll have time to make my blog blend the season..



At first i was hesitant to read the books because
of all the hype it gets...

i mean a lot of my schoolmates are carrying the book(twilight books)
while walking around the campus like they were book freaks but
they're not.....i don't really like that idea.

So i really felt that it was so overrated...

but when i watch the movie i was kinda not satisfied even though
i haven't really read the book i felt a lot of part was missing
i don't know why maybe because i often read books that I'm use to
hearing the story in full detail..

and the friend of my sister send the PDF file of the 4 four books
so i decided to give it a try...

i can't really be in my addict mode in reading books because exams
are past approaching...

i started reading last tuesday or wednesday and im still in the book
2 new i have a long way to go..

for those who are interested in the PDF FILE of The Four Twilight Books
just leave a comment with your email add ill be glad to send you the copy..

ill just give my review after i finish the 4 books...


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