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New Year in the Philippines

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

well this is my first time to blog about my
New Year...

In the Philippines new year is celebrated quit
extravagantly a lot of family will really alot money
for this event and i think that's the same with
my family. My parents would buy a lot then cook stuffs
that's good for two days....

and their reason new year is just once a year why not spend..
and they believe that if you prepared alot it will give
your family a prosperous year.

as of fireworks i don't know if it's accurate but as far
as i know in other countries they only have designated
places for fireworks display, but it's very different here
every family will buy their own fireworks and use it when
the clock ticks 12 the best part is that they do that beside their for my family we do away with this kind of activity
cause a lot of people have lost body parts because of this practice..
we just turn the radio to it's maximum volume,,,,,and watch the
fireworks our neighbour lighted.

i just post this cause a i want too..^_^


Happy New Year ^_^

just drop by to greet everyone!!

May everyone have a Prosperous and Happy New Year


I failed

Friday, December 26, 2008

i failed...

i haven't change the way my blog look to blend
the season... well that's because im busy..obviously
cause i haven't post for a while..

this are the things that keep me busy for christmas break...

going out...with family/friends

im watching a taiwanese series right now which is surprisingly good
entitled fated to love you but it's actually quit long and kill all
my time online..

reading a the third installment of the twilight series entitled eclipsebut im not in my addict mode so i haven't made big progress in reading it..


Christmas is over....

Christmas is over...!!

in just a blink of an eye and it's over...just that..

i can still vividly remember my Christmas last year and
now this year's over..

that how fast time flies...

especially for me cause in 3 months time i will graduate
the so called happiest part of schooling which is "highschool"

and I'm thinking of a lot of

1. what college to go to..

2. Did i choose the right course (psychology)..there's still some part
of my mind that's battling whether to take this course or not..
in short I'm taking it..

3. the friends i have made that soon enough I'll have to leave..

4. will i succeed in my chosen field..

this are just some of the questions i have in mind!!!
i could just hope that in this 3 months time I'll get the answers i need..



Sunday, December 14, 2008

just drop by to tell everyone im not
gonna blog this week cause it's exam
week again...hopefully this christmas
break ill be able to update my blog more...




Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is fast approaching i think my
blog doesn't soothe the season i don't know
when i'll have time to make my blog blend the season..



At first i was hesitant to read the books because
of all the hype it gets...

i mean a lot of my schoolmates are carrying the book(twilight books)
while walking around the campus like they were book freaks but
they're not.....i don't really like that idea.

So i really felt that it was so overrated...

but when i watch the movie i was kinda not satisfied even though
i haven't really read the book i felt a lot of part was missing
i don't know why maybe because i often read books that I'm use to
hearing the story in full detail..

and the friend of my sister send the PDF file of the 4 four books
so i decided to give it a try...

i can't really be in my addict mode in reading books because exams
are past approaching...

i started reading last tuesday or wednesday and im still in the book
2 new i have a long way to go..

for those who are interested in the PDF FILE of The Four Twilight Books
just leave a comment with your email add ill be glad to send you the copy..

ill just give my review after i finish the 4 books...


encounter with the inmates..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this fourth year we have a lot of extra
curricular activities that's really good
and enlightening.....

just last last week we had our L.S.S then
this week we had our graduation picture taking
and today we had our Jail Apostolate we went
to the correctional in mandaluyong were all
female prisoners live... and each of us have
our own inmate to interact with..

mine was really kind and i think she's rich but
as i said a while a go life is like a tire some
times your in the top and sometimes your down....

she's 52 years old has 3 children all boys and
when she was jailed her youngest was just a baby
she's been in jail for 14 years and all don't
wanna elaborate.... but i think she's luckier than
most inmates cause her family is very supportive
they never forgot her, they sustain her with everything
she needs and never lost communication...and I'm happy for her

her case was illegal recruitment she was not really
an expert in that field but someone pushed her too
and she didn't have any license and she got caught
she tried to fight back but they were more powerful..obviously
but I'm happy for her cause she got a pardon for having
a good character she might be released early next year..

and they also told us that life in jail is not easy we might think
that they are provided with everything they need but that's not
really true they have to buy everything from clothes up their
own shampoo toothbrush and what's worse is that they don't have
any stable income just what they get from making souvenirs
so inmates who are not visited by they're relatives don't have any
money to buy their basic commodities...

Ive realize that not all prisoners are bad or should i say
they are all not bad it's just that in our life there are certain
circumstances we cannot avoid...

so i learned to be careful with my actions..


still thinking..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

im not ready to share anything new
i have to clear my mind and think
everything's fine .......

so im gonna post something relevant
when im fine and ready...^^



it's been a wkile since i last post something...
it's not i don't go online but i cant think of
any thing to write but ive realize that i should
update my blog..

my last two weeks was overall fine alot of unexpected
stuffs happened and i dont wanna elaborate cause i cannot
express everything in words...

im thinking a lot right now..many things..

i just cant express what i feel in words..but
i can think of a word that would sum up everything..



My Lola,,get well soon

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As ive said in my other post my lola
is in the hospital right now..and she's
suffering a lot of diseases. and i want to
dedicate this post for her....

i grew up with my lola never been away from
her since our house is just a few step
away from hers so im so used of her being
around all the time

...I still vividly remember that as a child
i use to get scolded by my parents because i was
scared of my parents what i would do is go to my
lola's place and she will comfort me and let me eat...
never really thought that this day will come..
when i would see her lying in the bed helpless...
she is one of the most industrious people i know..
how could i forget everything she has done for me...
her cooking is the best!! how i wish she would be
strong again how i wish i could see her back to how
healthy she was i wish i could comfort
her and ease the pain she feels just like what she does
to me..

but i will not lose hope!! i will continue praying for her
because i want her to see us her grandchildrens successful
in life...

so lola hold on!!! you will get better before Christmas!!

lola means grandmother


a lot of work to do...

i have alot of work to do!!
i have classes until sunday!!
end at around 7:00pm it's not
actually a classroom base activity
but more of a religious one since
im studying in a catholic school...
but still it's tiring for sure...

and most of all i gave been wanting
to visit my lola(grandma) in the hospital
but i surely can't this week im too busy
how i wish i could visit her...

and i offer the religous activity for
the better health of my lola...
i miss my lola's cooking so much...


end of sembreak

Sunday, November 2, 2008

it's the end of our sembreak today!!!

this last week pass like the wind
it's over!!

and im still not ready for school tommorow but i have to...
can't do anything about it.... i have to face new challenges
starting tommorow....



a new blog name for my new blog look..

i choose that title because i want to straighten
my life make it better and choose the right thing for

another is..

it's actually a title of a book ive read way back
this title just came to me i search for it's meaning
to be sure then... i decided to use it...


New blog look

as you can see my blog have undergone revision
this past few days, that's why i haven't post anything
cause im busy doing my blog...

i made the header myself....

so as the background....

using the GIMP editor it's as powerful as adobe photoshop
and the best thing about it is you can download it for free!!!

with the help of again Blogger Buster's instructions and a bit
of html and artistic touch i have made this whole new look for
my blog...

it's still good to make your blog look different from others.



Monday, October 27, 2008

hana kimi special is OUT you can
check it out in:

crunchyroll or it already has english subs!!


The Crane Game

excerpts from honey and clover

a long time ago my sister recommended me
the jdrama called Honey and Clover she told me to
watch it did but i only watch the first and second
episode.....i think!?! but there's this line and
scene that really struck me
this is how it goes...

they were buying some stuffs then they bump into
a crane game...

this is how a crane game looks like

then the girl liked something inside it, the guy
insisted and tried to get it, eventually he got
one but it's not what the girl was eyeing for so she
said this line

" that game was really tormenting....
Because what you want is right in front
of you but you still can't get it..."

the guy answered

" yeah cause in this world not everyone can get
what they want."

the girl said:

"cause quantity is limited"

i don't know why but this lines struck me so much
that it still remains in my mind until now....

it hurts to think that something you badly want is just an
inch away from you but you still can't grab it cause
it's not for you, no matter how you try you can't
have it cause cause quantity is limited, maybe someone
came first with a strong will and when it was
your turn it was gone...


it's been a while

Sunday, October 26, 2008

it's been a while since i last blog
many things have happen over the past
week.... our intrams was held but i did'nt
take part cause im not really athletic i
just cheered my classmates so they would do

also ive realized alot of things but it's
kind of private to talk about it.



i now it's late but i still want to put some more
pictures from our outbound some that were not yet
uploaded when i wrote my about my outbound.....

the cross

our section

the sky


Ang Huling Kalbaryo..Mt.Banahaw

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last monday was our outbound then tuesday
we didn't have any classes well that's
reasonable cause if your not into hiking
and trekking like me your body will ache
and that's what happened to me, my body was
aching for 2 days it's so hard to go up and
down stairs and even though we had one day rest
still my classmates and i are complaining about
different parts of our body aching....

As they say Mount Banahaw is a big church many
people go their and pay pilgrimage to the place
it's a holy mountain!!

here are some pictures

we went to Sta Lucia falls before we got there we took about
250-300 steps that's kinda tiring....but worth it!!!

the whole class saying prayers

we thought that 250-300 steps were kinda hard but it's nothing
compared to climbing/walking the "kalbaryo" from the word itself it's
a real Calvary!!!

here's some pictures..

going up was super tiring i got really tired not only that
we still have to go down after few minutes of rest this i can
say is the most tiring part of the trip!!!

at the peak..

the VIEW..

having this very beautiful view just imagine how high
the mountain was just imagine us walking,trekking,climbing for
about 2-3 hours.....that's high...

The cross..

other pictures have not been uploaded so I'll just update!!

I'm not gonna forget the Husgado Cave it' a small cave
that only one person at a time can enter... it is said that
when you enter the cave and went out w/out any scar your
7 year of sins are forgiven

fortunately i got out just fine!!

sadly i don't have any pictures cause you
seriously cannot take any pictures inside..

overall my last outbound was really the hardest and the most
adventurous it's fun, tiring, educational and spiritual a
good way to learn new things...


Rivermaya in Asia Song Festival 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

another video of their performance
in Asia Song Festival but this ones
longer and not super shakey....

song: Nice To and a bit of you'll be safe here

credits to: halcyone0204


Rivermaya in Asia Song Festival 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

i look around for videos of their performance
in this event for 3 days and at last i saw this
one....though the quality is not good at least
i found one

credits to:sanoos


A & D review part 2

Sunday, October 5, 2008

it's sad that Vatican did'nt allow it to be shot
in that place..

here's the article

The Vatican has banned the makers of a prequel to The Da Vinci Code from filming in its grounds or any church in Rome, describing the work as “an offence against God”.

Angels and Demons, the latest Dan Brown thriller to be turned into a film, includes key episodes that take place in the Vatican and Rome’s churches. Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, the head of the Vatican’s Prefecture for Economic Affairs, said that Brown had “turned the gospels upside down to poison the faith”.

“It would be unacceptable to transform churches into film sets so that his blasphemous novels can be made into films in the name of business,” he said, adding that Brown’s work “wounds common religious feelings”.

Father Marco Fibbi, a spokesman for the Diocese of Rome, said: “Normally we read the script but this time it was not necessary. The name Dan Brown was enough.”

The Vatican fiercely condemned The Da Vinci Code novel and its film version, which starred Tom Hanks as the Harvard professor Robert Langdon. Hanks is also starring in Angels and Demons, which like The Da Vinci Code, is directed by Ron Howard.

Published before The Da Vinci Code, which suggested that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children, Angels and Demons revolves around a plot by a sinister elite known as the Illuminati to install their candidate as Pope and blow up the Vatican. Crucial scenes are set in the Vatican and two Rome churches — Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria. In both churches, cardinals are murdered and mutilated with mysterious marks and symbols. Father Antonio Truda, parish priest at Santa Maria del Popolo, said that there was no question of allowing scenes to be shot there. “It’s bad enough having to put up with tour guides explaining the scene to tourists,” he said.

The production team is set to recreate on a set in Hollywood the interiors of the Rome churches from which they are banned.

Vatican officials said they had been unable to prevent the film-makers from shooting exterior shots of St Peter’s and the surrounding medieval streets of the Borgo, with the permission of the borough council.

However, the film-makers are having to use the marble halls and staircases of the former royal palace at Caserta, near Naples, to double for Vatican interiors.

“When a film is about the saints or about stories regarding the Church’s artistic values, then we give permission without any doubts,” Father Fibbi told the TV listings magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni (Smiles and Songs). “But when it is a question of content which does not relate to traditional religious criteria, then our doors are closed.”

that's so sad if i were Dan Brown i would rather not
make it into a movie cause the whole story revolves
around Rome,Vatican,churches... how could they portray
the movie without that. You cannot replace the pieces
of artworks mentioned in the story with artificial ones.
One of the things that makes the story interesting are
the places itself..

how's that??

for sure another book will not be justified by the movie.

as they say "Don't judge the book by it's movie!"


Angels and Demons

Dan Brown's work..

Never really read the "The Vinci Code"
since i don't want to have any doubts
about my faith upon reading it... but
ive watched the movie though not the
whole movie i just watch the latter part
of it,so i can't really make a comment
about that book/movie.

But Ive read Angels and Demons and i have
to admit Dan Brown is a genius!

He so good that thou it's a fiction book you
will think it might have happened in real

I really liked the solid fussion of FICTION and

i also like other informations i got about the
art history, science and the church

it took me to a lot of places in ROME

The informations were so precise and detailed
that you will believe it.

another thing about the book i like is thorough
discussion of the centuries fight over who's
right the CHURCH or SCIENCE?

it gave both sides view...

i wanted to put up some excerpts
of the part were the chamberlain/
Camerlengo set a press conference to admit that
in deed theres a threat against the Church
which is a science society called Illuminati but it's
to long.

It's really good overall this book does not condemn
the church nor science instead makes us aware that
still the fight continues over who's right?!?

The symbols used in the book were so good it's seems
really true..

and take note for a person to write this kind of
book and to now all those things about Rome it must've
been a hell research..



Our outbound is sorta like a field trip
but not really it's more of nature trippingin a different place....

It's very tiring thou rewarding....

you'll have to walk for miles and get muddy
go to different caves and learn about the
place history....before you can walk out..

it feels so good
at least i can say that i've done hiking,
trekking, caving etc...

this year's the last,most memorable and
hardest one...

im gonna post pics after our outbound next

heres a pic after the hiking and trekking we
had last year...



Sched of the month

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tomorrow we don't have any classes in respect to
the end of Ramadan we also didn't have any classes
last Monday i don't know why but it's a school thing
or as they say school holiday...

what to write haven't post for 4 days that's because of
many factors like school works,laziness and of course
no topic to talk about.

I'm gonna be busy this coming week cause it's exam week
again.. so i guess i won't be able to post that much
next week...

but the week after next is definitely gonna be exciting
first of all next next Monday will be are much awaited
OUTBOUND I'll discuss more about this later... and that week
will also be our theres a lot of things happening
and i will have more things to post.

i also heard from my classmate about the incoming sembreak
she said it's this month but im not really sure.


What's on my mind

thinking....a lot of things are going on
my mind right now as i sit in my chair
and type here...

i don't know were to start
how to say it..
or maybe i'll just keep it to myself

i have been troubled so many times
i can't even count i don't complain
that part of life..

sometimes i envy people who are just
contented with what they have today..

me i think of yesterday, today, tomorrow and
the years to come..

i know it's stressful to live that way but that's
what i am...

P.S. this is a super random post as i opened the
computer i remember my blog and suddenly out of
subconsciousness i came up with this post so forgive
me if it doesn't make sense to you but it does to


Negative Friend

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My bestfriend told me that im her negative
friend...Wanna know why cause im quit frank
about the things i say but i make sure it's
true cause sometimes the truth really hurts.....

Just as i told before i critize her for her

i just can't help it i just want to say the

I'd rather be like this than being passive cause
i don't think passive people can be called
a friend who care cause only people who care
about you have the guts to tell you your faults...

so i don't really care if she calls me a negative
friend as long as i can give her realizations
when she does something wrong....



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

im kinda annoyed with my friend cause
she's trying to be EMOtera
i just don't get it.....

this is what she did...

its not that serious but still....

i really like emo not as a fashion statement/
trend but the music itself... As far as i
know it's not a fashion it's a genre in music..

so i don't think that people who cut their pulse
and hurt themselves can be called emo and i think
they are more of (fill in the blank)....

there are a lot of good emo bands and im a fan but you
don't necessarily have to hurt yourself to be a so called
"Certified Emo"

back to my friend she's receiving a lot of criticisms
from me because of what she did...and i told her not to
do that again....but i think she didn't listen..


time flies so fast.....

a while a ago i was watching the news and
something about Christmas was shown made me
realize that few months from now i will again
see people attending simbang gabi(more of simbang
madaling araw) on my way to school...

The last thought i had about Christmas was the time
it was about to end the holiday period i was thinking
more about the end of holiday more than the end of
Christmas....but now just a few months i will experience
same old new feeling all over again.

Reminds me that at about 8 months i will leave the so
called happiest part of school life..High School

i feel different emotions:
happy cause im gonna move forward..
sad cause i have to leave the things i got use to during
those 4 years.....
scared well sometimes im just scared to look ahead


seeing those news...made me realize many things..

sometimes you could interpret simple things and
make it deeper and i love doing that...


Ploning on Her Way to 2009 Oscars

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ploning which stars Judy Ann Santos will be the Philippines’ official entry to 2009 Oscars for the best foreign language film. The Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) has chosen Ploning over Sharon Cuneta’s Caregiver.

Ploning is a 30-year old promdi lass from Cuyo, Palawan. The story revolves around her and her relationship with a boy she has sort of adopted. It’s about love, friendship, selflessness amidst the backdrop of life in the Island of Cuyo. The story is simple yet it touches a soft spot.

The producers (including Judy Ann) and Director Dante Nico Garcia have indeed created a gem in Philippine Indie Film Industry. Ploning proved Indie films doesn’t have to be graphic and vulgar to be relevant. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Ploning. And to the people of Cuyo, ika nga, this is your time to shine. The world may now have a chance to see the beauty of your island and your culture.

credits to:PromdiLiving

i haven't really watch the film but im looking for dvd or any site
that have the movie....

since a movie cannot be pick if it's not good..


One Step At A Time - Jordin Sparks

Friday, September 19, 2008


Hurry up and wait
So close, but so far away
Everything that you’ve always dreamed of
Close enough for you to taste
But you just can’t touch

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you’re gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you’re feeling more and more frustrated
And you’re getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

You believe and you doubt
You’re confused, you got it all figured out
Everything that you wished for
Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours
If they only knew

You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet
Wonder when and where and how you’re gonna make it
You know you can if you get the chance
In your face as the door keeps slamming
Now you’re feeling more and more frustrated
And you’re getting all kind of impatient waiting

We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

When you can’t wait any longer
But there’s no end in sight
It’s the faith that makes you stronger
The only way you get there
Is one step at a time

Take one step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time

One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen and it’s
Supposed to happen that we
Find the reasons why
On step at a time


American Movies

Monday, September 15, 2008

just now i've realized that im only writing
reviews about asian series.....

it's not that i don't watch english movies but
i don't know where to start cause i've watch so
many i don't know what movie should i give reviews
but i'll work it out.



i was doing my project a while ago and
i heard this song C'mon Through this was
the ost of a very good drama called Soulmate
this is a very heart warming drama really
touches your heart not to mention about it's
funny side it's so good.....

already watch this before i even started blogging...

made me realize that maybe someone out there
could be my other half....

i don't usually give ratings but this one is an


some snapshots from the series....

Title: 소울메이트 / Soulmate
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-03-13 to 2006-06-05
Air time: Monday


In this new sitcom “SoulMate,” the story will be focusing on finding the other half of a missing soul of four couples.

The person you meet once in your lifetime that fate has brought to you! This person you call your soulmate. The year 2006, your soulmate is secretly creeping up on you… What if my other half is really living somewhere out there; will I be able to notice them? It is a question that can be asked by anyone who is in their marital age. A time when matchmaking agencies are flooded with people! Try re-identifying the true meaning of marriage and love while watching 6 couples live the same life that you’re living in.

We will show you everything you need to know in the love game!

is a sitcom young adults and adults can enjoy. Members of all age groups can enjoy it, and benefit from its honest and ongoing talk about love. It gives its viewers some final answers to the “love game” questions and presents confusing issues in a way that everyone can understand. The drama will tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know, from spending a night with a guy you don’t like, to how to completely win over a guys heart; and much more!! It spills out all the secrets of the love game.

“It is easier to stir up a women’s hear than to drink wine.” Dong-wook, a playboy who no one can even dare to follow. “My boyfriend of 5 years!! He is definitely my soulmate!!” Soo-kyung, a girl who only looks at one man like a sunflower; a perfect, pure hearted character. Two people who have never seen each other, and who live on the opposite sides of the world from each other live and love in their own way, but from some point on they start to move towards the same dream and feel the same physiological feelings. Two people who have met by fate in a world full of mixed up fates. Now, the most amazing things, which no one could have ever thought of, start to unfold between the two.


Shin Dong Wook
Lee Su-gyeong
Choi Phillip
Otani Ryohei
Jang-mi In-ae
Kim Mi-jin

credits to Korean Drama

here's where you could watch the 12 full episodes Soulmate


The Importance of Reading by ME

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just recently i just finished a book by Bob Ong
I know him cause his a famous author but i never
actually read his work until now.....made me
realize something

i like reading books it really one of my hobbies
but i don't really care if others read i only care
about myself i just realize when i read Stainless Longganisa
there was a line their when Bob Ong stated that

"its such a shame when all your life you dont even have at
least one favorite book"
(it's in tagalog i just translated it in English)

and that's true after that i realize that should get involve
in promoting books.

for me a book is a concrete source of knowledge you can go to
many places even if your just sitting in a corner quietly....

it's more concrete than Internet sources cause it been approved
by a lot of people before being published.

here's a scary stats about the deteriorating reading skills of people
in the USA

Who is Reading Books (and who is not)
One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives. Many do not even graduate from high school.

58% of the US adult population never reads another book after high school.
42% of college graduates never read another book.
80% of US families did not buy or read a book last year.
70% of US adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.
57% of new books are not read to completion.

i wonder what the stats are here in the Philippines is it higher or lower?



classes suspended today!

but the funny thing was that there were only 2 subjects
left....that sucks cause i don't have much money left cause
we already ate recess and lunch....if they suspended it earlier
i should have save some more money and another thing is that i don't
have to worry about today's lesson in every subject....

another funny thing that happened and is always happening every time
I'm in school and it's raining hard is....

my classmate will always bring her bag with her and walk around and
make her own announcement that it's suspended the first time she did
that i foolishly believe it.. but not this time!!! but the funnier thing
was she actually got an accomplish to join her so called "campaign" and
instead of saying it's suspended she said she was suspended.... and of
course her accomplish felt shy and i burst out laughing out loud ^^

you might think its not that funny but if your in my situation you'll
really laugh.....

when it's raining hard nonstop this is what happens...... a sample picture..



Sunday, September 7, 2008

i have made some few changes in my blog
the major ones is the change in URL
my old Url was but now it's and i also made my layout simpler....

p.s that's my old url i moved back after i saw the result of
my statcounter stating that this url is more visited by people
but i will keep the title as is.....

thats all ^^


Eraserheads Reunion Concert Intro - "Alapaap"

Monday, September 1, 2008


Eraserheads concert cut short, Buendia rushed to hospital

The concert’s sudden end was announced by Buendia’s sister Lally who went onstage with Ely’s band mates Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and concert organizers stating that the band’s lead vocalist and songwriter was in poor health. The band members apologized to the audience for cutting short their performance.

MTV Philippines President Francis Lumen asked the crowd for a minute of silence to pray for Buendia’s health.

“He had a slight attack because of stress due to the recent passing of his mother (Lisette Buendia), and their sound check which lasted till 3 a.m. today (Saturday),” said MTV Philippines and Radiohead director for marketing Ronald Esguerra in an interview with “But we have received word that Ely is now in stable condition.”

Organizers also belied erroneous reports that Buendia is undergoing triple bypass surgery, adding that the Eraserheads frontman actually wants to check out of the Makati Medical Center and go instead to his personal doctor.

According to Jing Garcia, former music journalist and currently technology editor at Manila Times and a friend of the Eraserheads members, Buendia collapsed backstage after the last song before the intermission, which was “Lightyears.” The band had already played 15 songs by then.

Buendia suffered a heart attack on January 7, 2007 and had already undergone surgery.

The concert, which was staged at the Fort Bonifacio Global City open field in Taguig, started at around 8:15 p.m. and paused for a break at around 9:30 p.m.

The Eraserheads opened their much-awaited reunion concert with “Alapaap” and “Ligaya,” complete with fireworks display.

After waiting at the open field for an hour since the intermission hoping for further developments, loyal fans of the band calmly left the concert area after being treated to a thrilling first set.

MTV Philippines’ Esguerra said that while he is hoping for a second Eraserheads reunion concert, there is still no word on whether another one would be staged.

“We have received no word of a Part Two but we also hope there will be one,” he said.

credits to: Philippine Daily Inquirer

.....hope he will get well soon........


half happy half sad

maybe the title's kinda confusing but i will
explain it cause i often feel this way.

have you experienced a morning when you feel
really energetic and happy and a lot of good
things simultaneously come? and you feel
really good then suddenly....

that afternoon you will feel extremely upset
about something... and feel really down

i always experience that rarely do i have a
day that's all good or bad....

so sometimes when i feel really happy i assume
that something bad will happen later or tom.
and that really happens....

so sometimes i tell myself to stop laughing cause
i feel a bit scared for the next series of events...


what to write??

i always have a lot of things going in my mind
i often say i'll put that in my blog but everytime
i seat in front of the computer i forget those things
whats happening????

is this what you call memory gap.......?

but still i'll try to remember things i should
have written here!!


10 Amazingly Simple Tricks To Turn Your Brain Into A Powerful Thinking Machine

There are two basic principles to keep your brain healthy and sharp as you age: variety and curiosity. When anything you do becomes second nature, you need to make a change. If you can do the crossword puzzle in your sleep, it’s time for you to move on to a new challenge in order to get the best workout for your brain. Curiosity about the world around you, how it works and how you can understand it will keep your brain working fast and efficiently. Use the ideas below to help attain your quest for mental fitness.

1. Read a Book

Pick a book on an entirely new subject. Read a novel set in Egypt. Learn about economics. There are many excellent popular non-fiction books that do a great job entertaining you while teaching about a subject. Become an expert in something new each week. Branch out from familiar reading topics. If you usually read history books, try a contemporary novel. Read foreign authors, the classics and random books. Not only will your brain get a workout by imagining different time periods, cultures and peoples, you will also have interesting stories to tell about your reading, what it makes you think of and the connections you draw between modem life and the words.

2. Play Games

Games are a wonderful way to tease and challenge your brain. Suduko, crosswords and electronic games can all improve your brain’s speed and memory. These games rely on logic, word skills, math and more. These games are also fun. You’ll get benefit more by doing these games a little bit every day-spend 15 minutes or so, not hours.

3. Use Your Opposite Hand

Spend the day doing things with your non-dominant hand. If you are left-handed, open doors with your right hand. If you are right-handed, try using your keys with your left. This simple task will cause your brain to lay down some new pathways and rethink daily tasks. Wear your watch on the opposite hand to remind you to switch.

4. Learn Phone Numbers

Our modem phones remember every number that calls them. No one memorizes phone numbers anymore, but it is a great memory Skill. Learn a new phone number everyday.

5. Eat for Your Brain

Your brain needs you to eat healthy fats. Focus on fish oils from wild salmon, nuts such as walnuts, seeds such as flax seed and olive oil. Eat more of these foods and less saturated fats. Eliminate transfats completely from your diet.

6. Break the Routine

We love our routines. We have hobbies and pastimes that we could do for hours on end. But the more something is second nature, the less our brains have to work to do it. To really help your brain stay young, challenge it. Change routes to the grocery store, use your opposite hand to open doors and eat dessert first. All this will force your brain to wake up from habits and pay attention again.

7. Go a Different way

Drive or walk a different way to wherever you go. This little change in routine helps the brain practice special memory and directions. Try different side streets go through stores in a different order anything to change your route.

8. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill works multiple areas of the brain. Your memory comes into play, you learn new movements and you associate things differently. Reading Shakespeare, learning to cook and building an airplane out of tooth picks all will challenge your brain and give you something to think about.

9. Make Lists

Lists are wonderful. Making lists helps us to associate items with one another. Make a list of all the places you have traveled. Make a list of the tastiest foods you have eaten. Make a list of the best presents you have been given. Make one list every day to jog your memory and make new connections. But don’t become too reliant on them. Make your grocery list, but then try to shop without it. Use the list once you have put every item you can think of in your cart. Do the same with your “to do” lists.

10. Choose a new skill

Find something that captivates you that you can do easily in your home and doesn’t cost too much. Photography with a digital camera, learning to draw, learning a musical instrument learning new cooking styles, or writing are all great choices.

for more trivia go to this site: The Best Article Every day


Asia Song Festival 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 2008 Asia Song Festival, where artists of different Asian countries come together for one terrific concert, will be held this coming October 3-5, 2008 at the Sangam World Cup Stadium, Seoul and will accomodate approximately 6,000 fans. This year will be the the 5th Asia Song Festival and a lot of popular artist from their respective countries will be performing at the said event. Here’s the list of performers are as follows:


- SHINee (Korea)
- Berryz Kobo (Japan)
- Yoga Lin (Taiwan)
- Jocie Guo Mei Mei (Singapore)
- BX (Mongolia)
- PECK (Thailand)
- Rynn Lim (Malaysia)

MAIN CONCERT - October 04, 2008

Best Asian Singer Awards:
- TVXQ (Korea)
- SNSD (Korea)
- W-inds (Japan)
- Anson Hu (China)
- Fahrenheit (Taiwan)
- Karen Mok (Hong Kong)
- ICE (Thailand)
- Ho Quynh Huong (Vietnam)
- Rivermaya (Philippines)
- Agnes Monica (Indonesia)

Asian Newcomers:
- SHINee (Korea)
- Berryz Kobo (Japan)

for more info visit thisASF08


more of AKFG

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Asian Kung-Fu Generation (アジアン・カンフー・ジェネレーション, Ajian Kanfū Jenerēshon?) is a Japanese rock band signed by Ki/oon Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The band was first formed in 1996 by Kensuke Kita, Takahiro Yamada, and Masafumi Gotō who met in a musical circle of Kanto Gakuin University, with Kiyoshi Ijichi joining the band shortly after. They played in many small venues until they released their first indie EP in 2000, a six-song EP of songs sung in English.

among their famous song are as follows:

Rewrite: fourth opening song for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist
Haruka Kanata: second opening of the anime Naruto
Their song "After Dark" is the seventh opening for the anime Bleach


Kimi Tsunagi Five M (2003)
Sol-fa (2004)
Fanclub (2006)
Feedback File (2006)
World World World (2008)
Surf Bungaku Kamakura (2008)


Masafumi Goto: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist
Kensuke Kita: Lead guitarist and background vocal
Takahiro Yamada: Bassist and background vocals
Kiyoshi Ijichi: Drummer

well their first album(indie) was in english
but i prefer their japanese tracks cause sometimes
i cant understand what Goto is saying...but ohh
well the sounds still good!!

if you want to know more about them go to their
english fansite: AJIKAN


Asian Kung Fu Generation

i became an instant fan when i heard their
song played in the anime called bleach that
my brother was watching a while ago their
music is simply my type of music i really love
their instrumental it was so good!!!

well as they say music has no bounderies
sometimes even you dont know the language
strangely you'll still like the song cause
music is a strange language that anyone can
understand and relate to.

After Dark by Asian Kung Fu Generation

you could go here for the:lyrics&translation



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ive search the dictionary for
not so famous but deep words
that could be a candidate as my
blog title...

and NASCENCE was the winner and
i really thought for an explanation
for it...

Nascence base from the dictionary means:

- Coming into existence; emerging:
- being born or beginning

why i choose this cause I'm starting
to emerge as a mature individual stating
opinion about different issues.

At this age I'm starting to be aware of
this so called life in a wider perspective.

my existence will soon be notice by a more
people not just by my classmates, friends,
neighbors and relatives.

cause i will share my thoughts in this blog
and let my opinions be heard..


Without You By Charlie Wilson


It feels like a lifetime
A thousand days have passed by
Since i held you close to me

If i could see that smile from my friend
I know that i could live again
I need you here with me

Heaven knows what to say
Even though for right now
You're so far away
I hope and i pray
Somewhere in your heart
I'll always stay

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine
Without you

This is more for me than for you
Girl, i finally see there's no substitute
For what we have
Do you know how much i love you?

And that we shared
I can't forget
Girl, a love like yours
I'll never let just slip away
Just promise that you stay

Heaven knows what to say
Even though for right now
You're so far away
Gonna tell you and show you
Do whatever i can do to get back to you

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine...

Have you ever seen a flower that never bloom?
See the starless night without the moon?
Well, that's me without you
So come back and turn my nights into days...

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine
Without you

..when will i have you back??
I miss you soo much..
'coz i love you..


umbrella with style

speaking of umbrellas i really like
the old japanese style of umbrella
it elegant and fashionable very
detailed and delicate how i wish
i could have one but i won't use it,
it might get wet....LOL

isn't it made to be wet???

well i don't care if i got one i
won't use's for display!!


Soaking wet

Yesterday i went home soaking wet
because af the very hard rain....

and i was kinda irritated cause i
always bring my umbrella with me
but because i already carry a lot
of stuffs i decided to leave my
umbrella behind since it seems like
it's not gonna rain but i was 100%
wrong it rained hard not just hard
but so hard and the result i was
soaking wet...


i even got scolded when i got home for
not bringing my umbrella

the moral lesson: bring your umbrella
everyday no matter what!!!



Who said that only sunset in manila bay is beautiful?

Manila Bay Sunrise

by: Peter Tongco

i really love sunrise

signifies a new day

hope for a better day

somewhat a goodluck charm
for me i feel good when i see
the sunrise.

it also let me observe people's
daily acivity early in the
morning and their expressions.

i really love observing the things
i see and i can do that when the
sun is shining brightly and


For my future

Today i took a test that will determine
what i could be in the future.....

it took about 5 hours

it's actually mandatory and if you fail
you'll have to settle for a technical
or vocational course.

which i don't like cause someday i wanna
be a professional.



haven't blog for a while since a lot things
have been going on my mind....


MTV Asia Awards 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

was held last August 2 2008 in Malaysia
there are lot of performances......

and the winner of each countries are as follows

Favourite Artist of Mainland China - Li Yu Chun
Favourite Artist of Hong Kong - Leo Ku
Favourite Artist of Indonesia - Yovie & Nuno
Favourite Artist of Korea - Super Junior
Favourite Artist of Malaysia - Nicholas Teo
Favourite Artist of Philippines - Chicosci
Favourite Artist of Singapore - Stefanie Sun
Favourite Artist of Taiwan - Show Lo
Favourite Artist of Thailand - TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:
Favourite International Artist of Asia - Linkin Park
Best Hook-up - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic -"Apologize"
The Innovation Award - Radiohead
Breakthrough Artist - Leona Lewis
Video Star - 30 Seconds to Mars - "A Beautiful Lie"
Bring Da House Down - Muse - Muse Asia Tour (Jan 2007)
edc Style Award - Panic at the Disco
Knockout Award - The Click Five
Inspiration Award - Karen Mok

well for Philippines i bet for Urbandub coz i really like
their music i even voted for them online since im too lazy
to vote for contest like this sadly chicosci won it's not that i don't
like them i just like Urbandub's music better.

i cannot find a good source of video for this one mostly
you'll only see cuts from performances so i decided not to
put links.


the day before yesterday

the day before yesterday was 888 its considered
as a lucky number for chinese well im not chinese
and i don't live in china but a lot of people here
think that it's a lucky number as well.....

so i want to enumerate the things that happened that day
so i could make a realization if im one of those lucky
people that day.

-last day of our exams
-i manage to take the exam ive missed
-start of Beijing Olympics
-had time to rest after a stressful week
-a lot of people married
-a lot of babies were born

well that's all i could rememeber
over all that day was fine not ecstaticly
good but fine..

but we could always be lucky if we think
were lucky cause being lucky is more of
having a good aura and output in life.

well while writing this reminded me of the
movie just my luck starring Lindsay Lohan
nothing just came across my mind don't know
if it has relevance.

Well as i promise I will post more regularly
im just gonna figure out what sched i will
follow since right know i post weekly^^



this past few days I've been thinking of
ways to make my blog look good....
So i haven't post anything important
or even latest news it might be late but
still I'm gonna post events that happened
last week and this week!


At last!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

the test week's finish but still it's not over
cause i still have to wait for the results...
i wish that it would be a mark that's not
embarrasing to show my parents!!!!!


Lil Demon

Monday, July 28, 2008

i was looking for interesting videos and i saw this one
a 6 year old breakdancing this is awesome he is so good
and so young.....his Filipino by the way


Sona 2008

i have not listened to PGMA's sona attentively
but i understand some cause i need to our
teacher in ecomomics will surely give a test
about it im 99% sure. But i don't wanna elaborate...
guess why?

Back to the sona i don't really care
about her achievments, her promises what's
important is for her to put it into action
and for ordinary people to feel what she
have done(for the better of course)not just
by merely stating figures.



we have no classe today but guess what
instead of fooling around all day and
doing nothing i already made my project
i guess im being more responsible than
before.....and im proud of myself

i have been surfing the web and i saw a
lot of good blogs out there nice contents
nice backgrounds wide viewership and all
made me inspired to make my blog better
also made me think that im just a beginner
in this fild but it's alright everyone
starts as beginners.......



Sunday, July 27, 2008

i will post more regularly after our


Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz

nice song from two singers that i like...



Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


The Dream Keeper by Longston Hughes

Bring me all of your dreams
You dreamer
Bring me all of your Heart Melodies
That i may wrap them.
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too rough fingers
of the World.

It's a very nice poem makes you
think that you could reach for
your dreams with the help of God.



right now im experiencing a lot of stress but
i still see to it that i sleep a lot cause that's
the only thing i could do to energize myself.

last week was mainly study,sleep,study,sleep cycle
i started going home early this days.......

but i bet that this week and next week will be more

I have been wanting to post the things i've observed
around me this past few days but i tend to forget all
of them and right now i don't know were to start!=(



This days i have been very busy doing projects and
assignments that why i have forgotten to update my
blog for a while.


Legendary ERASERHEADS Reunion Concert CONFIRMED

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

well they're one of my favorite OPM band ever!!!

and way back i thought i won't see them together
anymore but now it's already confirmed!

this makes me really excited...^^

here's the whole article:

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.

According to the STAR source, all the original members (photo) are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy.

Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo.

So much water, so to speak, has flowed under the bridge since the band broke up years ago.

Ely, who survived a heart attack two years ago, has formed two bands, Mongol (which didn’t last long) and Pupil (still playing).

‘It took one big company to bring the former band members together,’ said the source who is keeping the company’s identity ‘confidential’ for the time being.

Really now, don’t the Eraserheads fans wish that the band would stay together not just for a one-night-only concert but for good...for old time’s sake?— Ricky Lo


Alicia Keys in Manila again!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

While i was looking for news about lifenouse live in manila
i saw an article stating that Alicia Keys will be here as well
My friend is really gonna be happy about this cause she's really
a fan.....
well heres then whole article from MTV Philippines again...

MTV Philippines and Music Management International are bringing back eleven-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys live in Manila! Expect an edgier and sexier Alicia Keys to entice her thousands of fans with a live performance at the SM Mall of Asia Complex on August 5! Everything is surely sweeter the second time around, so expect her smooth powerful voice and uninhibited lyrics to give you another amazing musical experience that only Alicia Keys can give!

American R&B musician and film actress Alicia Keys has gained the respect of millions of music lovers all over the world with her own original compositions. Her works are expressed through skillfully weaved melodies, her eager pounding on the piano keys and her soulful voice that altogether creates a musical journey that no one can ever experience with any other musicians. Alicia Keys has indeed given us remarkable albums with a blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop, rap, funk, groovy sounds you name it! That’s why it’s no surprise that she has sold over 25 million albums worldwide as of 2007, and has received numerous awards including 11 Grammy Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards and 14 NAACP Image Awards.

At the age of seven, Alicia J. Augello-Cook has already began playing the piano, learning classical pieces such as Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. This is the reason why she chose Keys to be her stage name as she had always felt the name represented her both as a performer and as a person.

Alicia Keys got us hooked with her first studio album Songs in A Minor, which sold over ten million copies worldwide. That established Keys’ popularity both inside and outside U.S. where she also became the best selling new artist of 2001. The album gave us her first chart topping single “Fallin” and “A Woman’s Worth” which led her to win 5 Grammy Awards.

Keys soon followed her debut album with The Diary of Alicia Keys which sold over 618, 000 copies worldwide making Keys the sixth biggest- selling album by a female artist and second biggest selling album by a female R&B artist. The album gave us the huge hits “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You Don’t Know my Name” that got her 4 Grammy Awards.

Alicia Keys did it again last year, as she presented us her third studio album As I Am, which debuted number one on the charts. Her lead single “No One” was an instant hit, and earned her the “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance” and “Best R&B Song” at the Grammy Awards this year.

Watch out for her powerful performance on August 5, 2008 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. If you missed it before, now is your chance to catch up and watch Alicia Keys live! To reserve tickets, call TicketWorld at 891-9999. For more information, tune in to MTV Philippines on Channel 57 on Sky Cable (or ask your cable operator for channel designation) or log on to For sponsorship inquiries, call MTV Philippines at 706-1580.


Lifehouse in Manila

I'm a fan of lifehouse while we were travelling yesterday
i saw a billboard stating that lifehouse will be here in manilato perform in Araneta but i really can't go cause i don't have
any budget and that's really sad but i can't do anything about it.
anyways here's the article from MTV Philippines...

LIFEHOUSE Live in Manila!!!
Jun 19, 2008

With Who We Are, their fourth Geffen album in seven years, Lifehouse, all still in their mid-20s, are really starting to enjoy the fruits of their success and have some fun. Their multi-platinum 2000 debut, No Name Face, produced “Hanging by a Moment,” a #1 alternative hit which crossed over to become Top 40’s Most Played Song, while 2005’s self-titled platinum effort yielded “You and Me,” a giant hit ballad that set a record by spending more than 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, Lifehouse are not just the sum of their considerable accomplishments.

On Who We Are, singer-songwriter Jason Wade—along with drummer Rick Woolstenhulme and bassist Bryce Soderberg—gets back to the basics of what made him first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California. Says Jason: “We just love making music and feel really lucky to be able to continue doing it.”

Producing themselves for the first time with Jude Cole, who also co-wrote several of the new songs, that joy comes across unfettered on the rocking twang of the lead single, “First Time,” already climbing the Hot A/C and Top 40 charts, a fond look back at the butterflies and excitement of the initial rush of romance.

“It just felt urgent, like a first kiss, a first love,” says Jason. “Like the first time you realize there’s more to that relationship than you thought. I had to dig a little for that one, but I find myself at a place where I can write stuff that’s a little deeper than your average love song in terms of emotion.”

The approach was also pretty fresh. The band didn’t record demos before entering the recording studio. Wade brought in a skeleton of a song and the group worked on it as a unit. “Nobody really knew what they would be playing,” explains Woolstenhulme, the musical purist of the group. “We just cut it, listened to it and realized it was pretty electric…the kind of song where you just turn up the radio.”

Known for his brooding lyrics of teenage angst resulting from his parents’ divorce and his own poor relationship with his father, Wade explores more diverse songwriting topics this time around, putting himself into other characters in songs like “The Joke,” with its syncopated world beat, inspired by a newspaper article detailing the story of a British boy who hung himself after being bullied by schoolmates. Jason puts himself into the subject’s

shoes, with lyrics that could be right out of a suicide note: “When you find me in the morning/Hanging on a warning.”

The wrenching ballad “Broken,” with a chorus that recalls the Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” came out of a trip Wade took to Nashville to visit a dear friend waiting on a kidney transplant, as once again he identifies in first person: “I’m falling apart/I’m barely breathing/With a broken heart/That’s still beating/In my pain/There is healing/In your name/I find meaning/So I’m holding on/Barely holding on to you.”

Lifehouse’s love of British rock comes across in the avant-Europop of “Make Me Over” with its ethereal opening and falsetto vocals (Wade: “Sometimes you’ll do anything to be in love, even becoming someone else”), while the stark, Plastic Ono Band strains of “Learn You Inside Out” is one of the rare songs Wade penned on piano.

“I wrote it really quick,” he recalls. “We decided just to freestyle. It was one of those moments when we really grew as a band, being able to reach each other and know where we’re going.”

“This record came very naturally,” agrees Bryce, the newest member of Lifehouse, who cut his teeth on tour before entering the studio with his bandmates. “On the road, we’d throw a song out during sound check and it just flowed together. There was a great deal of spontaneity involved. We were into similar influences. It felt like we were on the same page musically.”

“We’re closer as a band than ever,” nods Rick.

The raw energy of “Disarray” deals with Wade growing up in a strictly religious family, where questioning wasn’t allowed. “Angels, demons,” he says. “We all fight them both, and anyone who pretends they don’t is not someone I want to hang out with.” In fact, the group was liberated by being left alone to create without outside interference or pressure. “This time around it was about not having any preconceived notions,” confesses Jason. “It was about letting the tape machine roll and getting the music down spontaneously. I’m at a place where it doesn’t matter to me what other people think. I’m comfortable being myself. I’m writing from an honest place, not thinking about who’s going to hear it, what they’re going to think or how they’re going to interpret it. The lyrics can’t be contrived. They have to hit you right in the heart.” One song that does just that is the album finale, “Storm,” which Wade wrote at 16 “when I was going through hard times,” and was included on the band’s first indie record, 1,000 copies of which were pressed back when they were called Bliss. The original version has been circulated over the Internet by the group’s fans and was even licensed by the television show So You Think You Can Dance. Wade decided to re-record the song when he realized how much it meant to people. “That was fun to record because of its starkness,” says Jason. “We love the idea of the title, surrounded by negative space, like the a cappella beginning. Because when you’re lost in confusion, no matter how much is going on around you, you’re still alone.”

With all their radio airplay, multi-platinum sales and awards, Lifehouse are still intent on raising the bar, which makes Who We Are a revelation both musically and lyrically. “It’s stripped down, very raw, the way we are live,” says Bryce. “We discovered along the way that less is more.” “Since Bryce joined, this really has grown into a unit with its own personality and style,” concludes Jason. “We established camaraderie on the road and gelled as a unit. This record defines ‘Who We Are,’ which is why that’s the title. The sound fits where we’re at right now.” With Who We Are, Lifehouse are free to be exactly who they are…a rock band with a gift for melodies and lyrics that touch people.

Now, Filipino diehards can watch LIFEHOUSE live when the band comes to Manila July 26, 2008 at Araneta Coliseum. The show promises to be the most explosive event of the year so make sure that you don’t miss this high-octane night. This event is brought to you by NoCurfew Watch Store. For inquiries on how to get your hands on these coveted tickets, dial 813-2617 / 813-2612.


Time Management

I have to do a lot of projects and study for 3
different test
namely our school's Periodical Test,
NCAE, and different college school's entrance examso I guess I'm really busy this days so i really need
to start having time management since I'm a sleepy headand i really don't like incomplete number of sleeping
hours cause i can't think well and makes me really lazy.


First time im U.P

Yesterday we went to U.P to pass our application forms
me and my friends it was our first time so we have to
ask people for directions on were we are luckily they were
really helpful because we were tired haven't though of taking
which was quit off cause it's very beautiful there
and it's also so quiet. It's like no one is studying there.

Now i know that there are still a lot of good people in the
world well at least in my country.^^

On Monday were gonna no back there to finalize everything hopefully
we could already take pictures(crossfingers).


Wu Chun and Calvin Chen in the Philippines

Well im not much of a fan i just know them....
but i know some are really crazy over them.
Here's the videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credits to : MaikaChan987



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Every Saturday we have reviews and after every
review me and my friends go to the mall.

I have observe that there are really a lot of
around here from Asians to Westerners.
Really... just walk around and you'll see one no
wonder there are a lot of half-half around
in my class there's half Chinese,half Japanese,
1/4 Spanish
and many others and not to mention
those who are just descendants of other race.

But sometimes i feel that their invading the
country....they continue to affect the way people they dress,think and many more...

i don't know if it's a good or bad thing or maybe

and i actually call them invaders sometimes..^^


laziness is taking over me....

Haven't blog since last week i wanted to write
so many things here those days but i guess my
laziness has taken over me.

Right now i don't feel that well but i can still
handle it.


3 Dads One Mom

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It is really a good series i used to watch this every night on kbs world
channel 75
but it's already finished it's really good and funny. Right now
i still can't find decent link for this drama since veoh is not working on
my P.C and my soju uses veoh for this drama thats why
i can't rewatch but
if veoh is working in your p.c then your lucky you can watch it ohh i
they have it on youtube but w/out english sub! in d addicts they only have softsubs while other sites requires you to download it.

heres the synopsis:

Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband's friends decide to help them. But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband's friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young's child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.


Eugene as Song Na Young

Eugene as Song Na Young
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Soo Hyun
Jae Hee as Choi Kwang Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Na Hwang Kyung Tae
Kim Bin Woo as Park Seo Yeon
Joo Sang Wook as Jung Chan Young

(the cast are really good)

update: It's now available in Mysoju all the episodes


Joanna Wang cd in the Philippines

My sister introduced me to this Taiwan based jazz singer.
She is really good the first time i heard her i thought
Norah Jones was the one singing. I have known her for quit
a while now it was last october-november when i first heard
her and no doubt she is really a good singer.

this are some of her songs from you tube:

While we were strolling in the mall we decided to drop by in Power Books it's kinda a joint book and music store. While i was walking looking for
goods cds and book i was shocked to see her cd being sold there. i never thought it would be available here since i only got her songs from the net.
I got so excited that i immediately introduce and endorse the cd to my friends. That was really cool.!!!



Another week past and another week is about
to start kinda stress this days cause we have
Saturday classes but it's fine after the review
i went to the mall with my friends. Sadly my
best buddy
didn't come along cause she has a date.
We went to the mall ate and go to the arcades
to play different games it was fun though tiring
there were a lot of interesting games there!! and
people who play them are extremely good specially the
dancing thing(not dance revolution) with break dance
that was sick. I also saw a lot of classmates,
schoolmates there,it was kinda funny cause we wore
are P.E t- shirt so we easily identify each other.


No classes today!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We have no classes today because of the typhoon Frank
I'm happy because we don't have classes at the same time
very sad because many people have died and some are homeless.
A big ship sank that carries about 700 hundred people because
of this typhoon.

Thinking about it Global Warming plays a big part
in enhancing the strength of the typhoon I've read that
somewhere, and so we should do something about this issue.
Maybe some still don't understand what it means but definitely
everybody feels it. We should take part in this issue after
all it's the world we live in that's at stake...

kinda an "environmental post" hehehehe^^


Zettai Kareshi in crunchyroll

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zettai kareshi has been reuplode in crunchyroll
up to the most recent episode. You can look if you

heres the link:


1st week of school

This week is the first week of classes.
I have met new people. People i have never
imagine speaking with! It's not like i think
negatively about them but the fact that i hear
negative things about them makes it awkward.

So much for that.....

Over all the week was fine my new classmates
and teachers are not that bad that's what i
observe. I think this will be a stressful year
because i have to take entrance exams to different
schools and were gonna have saturday classes to review
for the incoming NCAE examination.

and this saturday was supposedly the start but it was
postponed because of the typhoon this kinda irritates
cause i only knew about it when i was already in time,money was wasted. i should have
sleep at home.


Zettai Kareshi a.k.a Absolute Boyfriend

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've been looking forward for this Japanese
series every week it's currently airing in
japan right and Sars Fansubs are subbing
it.It's really a good series and i love the
actors here=)

I don't wanna say anything(i don't wanna be a spoiler!)
I'll just give you links on where to watch it.

* First you can download it in Sars Fansubs using Bit torrent
* you can download it in AZNV.TV but you'll need a Winamp player
for it to work (the download time is really fast just few seconds)
* If you want online streaming you could go to Pinoy Channel and look
for the user misgrasya and dyosa09
* you cannot see all the episodes in Youtube cause they delete it due to
copyrights problem
* it's already sub in english

it's really a must watch! Hope the links help^_^

if you want to have a background about the story just look at it's



Posting in English

Friday, June 13, 2008

Im wondering why my hand automatically types
in english everytime i write here in my blog
when it's not really my native language that
makes me wonder???? and i don't think it will
ever happen you will barely see me posting in
tagalog.....perhaps some words only^^
i myself don't know why???

P.S Im living in The Philippines


A New School Year

2 days to go before a new school year starts
wait no just 1 cause it's 2:00 am so technically
just one day left^^

My emotions are kinda mixed up happy, sad, nervous
and all. Im actually thinking why i still feel
like this when i have been going to school for quit
a long time now well i guess that's just me=)


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