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Things i don't want to change this coming 2011!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyone seems to be talking about things they would like to change about themselves this new year. So i decided to go the other way around. By listing things i don't want to change this coming 2011. 

I don't think a New Year should always equate to changing a lot of things in your life.^_^
Giving quality time for my studies.

Yes, I have realize that i have been studying harder than before and i think it has payed off. So there's no need to change that. I would rather not intensify it because i still want to have a life besides my studies.

Blogging anything i want.

Some say to successfully earn online you should stick to a theme for your blog. But i would rather not i've learn some SEO tricks because of my online job. I've also thought of using it for this blog but i realize it's not where i want this blog to go. This blog has become sort of a diary to me and i don't want to ruin it by going to a different path.


Read:  facebook, twitter and tumblr. Though sometimes it becomes a distraction. I would never try to lessen the amount of time i spend on it. It has been my escape in busy days, communicating with friends is so easy. My cellphone use has greatly decrease and i got to save more.

My interest in football.

I can surely say that my interest for football will not waned easily. It may even increase in the future. So i would continuously learn about it. I will also try to watch more games on tv.

My friends

This is the most important thing that will never change in many years. I really choose my friends and i don't see anything wrong about it. I like my friends to like things i like and be naughty as i am. I'm a picky person i don't like friends that don't last long or forever. So i choose them wisely but once you become my friend and you gain my trust and respect. I'm pretty much loyal and i will never ever say bad things about you. I have found this kind of friends and it will take a million new year for me to consider them as a stranger. They know who they are!!

As for my family i know that a human's life has a limit but as long as i live my love for them will never change.^_^


Time, New Year's Resolution and A Happy New Year

Another year has past and another one will come. Time really flies by so fast. Time for me will remain the most valuable thing. I remember wanting to have a time machine that can stop, fast forward and rewind the days in my life. I guess that would never happen, "even the richest man can't buy time" as they say.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I never had one of those just because i know will not be able do it. I now realize that i made the right choice not to make one because it takes more than a "new year" to be committed to change something about yourself and your life. Resolution shouldn't even be the term. It should be called "A promise to myself" you don't change for anyone except yourself. Keeping a promise to yourself is harder than keeping a promise to someone else. Only you will know about it and only you yourself would be blamed if it fails. I should know i have made a lot of them and it worked. The pimple prone girl from way back in high school can now show her face proudly to everyone and the fat girl who feels insecure about herself for being fat is now slowly loosing pound per pound of her fats.

Happy New Year Everyone
Eat Less and Party Harder


Online work, Football and A Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The title basically describe what i have been doing for this week. Since it's Christmas Break i decided to follow the footsteps of my sister who have been earning quit a lot writing articles online. I have earned some now and im going to continue this and earn a lot too. I'm really motivated right now and i don't know until when it will last but i wish it will last long enough for me to save some.

Football,  I have this growing love for football. Ever since the FIFA world cup started and me seeing how cool the game was and how exciting it is to cheer for your own country. I have started liking it and even wish for the Philippines to be a football nation. I thought it was impossible because Philippines is a Basketball nation and football is just put aside here. That change when suddenly the Philippine football team surprisingly beat Vietnam in the Aff Suzuki making it to the semi-finals and that made headlines here in my country. Well they didn't make it to the finals but i can definitely see a brighter future for football in my country. Thanks to the Whole Azkal Philippine Football team for representing the Philippines well. This is a step closer to one of my greatest my dreams: See the Filipinos united, cheering for the team just like other countries do.

Lastly, I have not been updating my blog well, but surely i will never miss greeting my fellow bloggers in this very special occasion: 

Merry Christmas Everyone.
Christmas is more than giving gifts and partying. It is the time when our savior Jesus Christ was born in a simple stable. Let's keep our Christmas simple and meaningful just like the way it was before.


My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Upon looking back at my archive i actually found out that i have made a fair share of Korean drama reviews here in my blog. Back then i was really addicted to it. I finish it one series to another but as time goes by i found my self getting bored and finishing a series in one sitting has suddenly become impossible. For the year 2010 the only drama i finished was  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

I watched it on ViiKii were they sub it the same week the episode is aired. This was actually beneficial for me since i don't have to watch it in one sitting.

After watching the first episode i found myself wanting to know what will happen next. I instantly became a fan of Miho(Shin Mi nah) because she was so pretty and cute at the same time. Her face also don't look like it was distorted by science and i like the way she acted in the series.

For Dae Woong ah(as miho addresses him) or Lee Seung Gi in real life. I have watch a bit if shining inheritance in a local channel but i know him more because of 2 days and 1 night. I'm a fan of that show i  watch it on KBS world with english subs. I find him okay. From what i see in his variety show he seems like a nice boy. His acting was good too.

The two of them have really good chemistry and the show was not boring and i don't think you would want to skip a part of it. It was light, funny and sweet. I personally recommend it to people who are stress with their work or studies a perfect hour getaway from your busy schedule.

The two of them are too cute to ignore. Promise!!

This is a no spoiler post. Just to add a little mystery to the drama.


The one that got away--Katy Perry

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another beautiful song from Katy Perry's recent album

Very meaningful song.

Lyrics here


Just Another Pixel-Viral Poster

    I'm supporting blankPixels' entry to Sulit's Christmas card-making contest. Click here for more details.

(Static version. Click here for the full animated Christmas card.)


Pilipinas kay Ganda!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This post as inspired by:  Awesome Planet--Paano papagandahin ang Pilipinas kay ganda?

This is the new slogan of the Philippine Tourism. In english it can be translated as Beautiful Philippines or Philippines so Beautiful.

What is my verdict for their new slogan? When i first heard it in the news i was also quit shock because it was not in english and i thought it would not work. But after reading all the comments in awesome planet i came to realize that it will never work. Why? because we Filipinos don't believe in it. People keep on saying how it should not be the name of our tourism project and i realize how lame i am by believing that it would not work simply because it is not in english.

After my realization this is now how i will justify the Philippines' new slogan.

The new slogan was not only made to attract foreigners in the country but also make the locals realize how beautiful their country is. Using our native language is part of our identity that should never be thrown away by globalization. We should make all Filipinos ambassador of the Philippines. We should first make every Filipinos believe that Philippines is a beautiful country. Go on trips in different part of the Philippines before going abroad and patronizing products made by their fellow Filipino. If we don't learn to appreciate our country who else will? If we don't promote the Philippines positively who else will?

After all in the end of the day a conversation like this would happen

Foreigner: hey what does Pilipinas Kay Ganda means?
Filipinos: It's means Philippines So beautiful with a big smile on their face and honesty seen in their eyes because they know that truly Philippines is indeed a very beautiful country.

Just my sentiments..


Memories through Music

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Have you ever experience going back to some old memories just because you hear a song? Well according to psychology it's the other way around Old memories are the ones that makes us remember the song..a little trivia out there.

Well I'm talking about Westlife songs, as corny as it sounds i am a fan. I remember being around second to fourth grade when they were in the peak of their career. Hearing they're songs brings back memories of carefree days with just little responsibility and little problems ive been through back then. Westlife and other boy groups of the nineties i think is the Justin Bieber equivalent this days.

Memories are the only thing constant in life it can either be good or bad but going back and thinking about it will still remain as one of the fulfilling task you'll ever do.

With that I leave you a Westlife Song Queen of my Heart


One thing i am most thankful for.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There are a lot of things that i am thankful of and it's really hard to choose between all of them. But one stands out. It's my family as they say in the end of the day all will leave and your family will be the only ones to remain. I don't have a perfect family but it's okay. We fight, have fun and solve problems together and that for me is the most important thing of all.

I am also thankful to them for what i am now as a person. I may have mood swings and tantrums but i know for myself that i have done more right things than wrong ones and that is all because of them. Correcting me if i have done something wrong and praising me for doing a good job. I will continue being thankful to them for the rest of my life and maybe once i graduate i can pay back all their sacrifices and kindness to me.

Thank You : Mommy, Papa, Ate, and lanei

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All Souls Day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Most of all happy Halloween Everyone!!

I have thought of how to tackle this issue in a positive and non-horror way because i'm not a big fan of horror.

So All Souls Day is coming up. A really big event here in the Philippines. This time is when we commemorate family members and friends who have passed away.

So speaking of death. Have you ever imagined what it would be like after you die? I have often thought about it, and if your gonna ask me why,  it's not what your thinking. In fact I wanna live a long and happy life. It's just that the feeling of not knowing where your gonna go and who are you gonna be with scares me. Death is one of the most mysterious things that will ever happen to us human beings. No one can ever explain how it's feels unlike love and sadness. We won't have any reference, no guidelines, no one to accompany us and most of all we won't have any home to comeback too.

So treasure everything you have and make the most out of your life. So when it's time to walk all alone in the path of death you have enough strength and inspiration to push through. Make as many friends as you can so you can never ever feel alone and love your life cause you'll never know what will happen to you after it is taken away.


Heli'sbeauties GIVEAWAY

Saturday, October 30, 2010

She has amazing prizes at stake of course that just for the girls to say..^_^


-A bunch of Nail polishes
-Skinfood Sesame masks
-Sebastian clay (Hair)
-W7 Palette



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Firework--Katy Perry

Friday, October 29, 2010

That's what i like about katy perry after a trashy video and repetetive catchy lyrics comes songs that i think has deeper meanings and more sensible music video. I always felt that she loves singing songs like this.



Pinky Paradise OCT Giveaway

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pinky Paradise is holding a contest the prizes are pretty good so im joining feel free to join too. Goodluck Everyone..^_^

For contest Mechanics just go to: Pinky Paradise's Blog

So here are the Prizes at stake:

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller
Elf studio Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 415 Pink in the Afternoon
VOV Color song Lip Gloss 08

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End of the Semester Learnings.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So as for what's happening to me this days..Another semester has ended. It was overall a good one. A few glitches and many bonding moments with my friends..

So much for that.  I think it would really be nice if i can share what i have learn not academically but what I learn as a person who's growing and meeting a lot of new people.

Don't ask for anything in return..I don't know i just woke up one morning realizing that doing good things to other people doesn't always have to come with rewards. Giving is something not new to me, but wishing for something back is something new that I am proud I learned.  I've realize that hoping and wishing for something in return leaves you frustrated especially when it is not given to you.

So instead i look up the sky and tell God my wishes and entrust him the power to give what i need and what i want in the right time, moment and situation.

Speak Up when you think you're right and has enough reason and evidence about some issue. Speak Up.
When you feel something is not right then Speak Up. You might think that nobody will listen but someone out there may feel that what you say is important and some might even realize your worth by just speaking up. If they don't listen it would be their loss and not yours.

Love yourself as classic as it sounds. I know that still, a lot don't do it very well. Just like me before but I've realize that loving yourself is the first thing you must learn as a person. Loving yourself would mean doing the right things for your own good. Knowing when to stop being foolish and knowing when to say sorry to make things better. Loving yourself is gonna be a stepping stone for a lot of good things in your life.

and most of all be positive and smile..

Start your day with a beautiful smile and everything else will follow.


It's not Just a Blog First Giveaway contest

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For more info just go to: It's not Just a Blog

Prizes to be given away includes:

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Quicker8 new blog contest..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quicker8 will be holding a blog contest with prizes as follows

1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

As soon as i heard this i immediately joined the contest cause i know i can give that watch as a gift for my mom this coming Christmas..I wish i win this..^_^

So how will you join?

In  Quicker8's blog

1. Subscribe to my feed via email located right side bar (REQUIRED ) - 1 Entry
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The Contest ends on December 18, so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced on December 28,2010! The winners will be picked through!

Goodluck on everyone who will join..^_^


I won!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I post about it just last september a contest with a prize of
taeyang deluxe edition but luckily she added another one
which was the international edition and i got that since i was
second in the raffle promo..

i won a taeyang solar international edition album just a while ago..

I have been really lucky with online contest..i hope it continues
on and on..^_^


10 Things I like about Written by Mys

1. Giving a blogger like me to a chance to win in her contest..^_^
2. The shooting star in the beggining of her digital signature..cute
3. Her personal letters for people important to her.
4. Being generous enough to review other blogs.
5. Informing people about different blog contest..
6. A cute blog header.
7. A sneak peak to her real world. As a wife, mother and career woman.
8. Continously creating contest for bloggers.
9. random blog post about things.
10. Her cute blog name MYS.

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Diamond Peel for P312.00

Friday, October 1, 2010

 If your interested to join please give me credit for spreading the news 
by signing up with my invite...thank you^_^.

as their motto say Let's Save Together!

Have you ever imagined having a intense diamond peel and facial for only P312.00. I too never imagined that i would come across one.

This kind of offers are available in  ENSOGO they give 50-80% to services and products. I guess they do this for advertisement. Enough about that. My sister already tried their services she bought a P200 worth of gonuts donuts for only P80. Isn't that a steal. That time she went home with two boxes of Gonuts Donuts that are good for 5 people(were five in the family) and i was amazed cause she only paid P80 for each box. Well all good things end and that promo already ended.

But a new promo again that's really good is this intense diamond peel with facial with an original tag price of  P1560 and went down to only P312 and i availed it! the participating derma clinic is Ysa Skin Care Center. I will pay in the bank this coming monday.

Only one day left to avail the promo. If you are not able to read this by the time the promo end don't worry. They have new offers that you can avail and also has really big discounts.
Okay so i know i won't be able to convince you with this so here's the link to their site ENSOGO

their promos are only available in the Philippines and some branches of the participating establishment.


Passion for Fashion

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion has been evolving from day to day. Suddenly you can now use any kind of material for your desired fashion piece. An obvious example would be the ever fashionista Lady Gaga. Since I'm into arts and fashion my view of what she wore last VMA 2010 would be somehow different from others some may think I'm crazy but i don't care.

So she wore three stunning pieces. The Black one was not really a shocker since i can actually picture her in that dress while performing but it's still not short from expectation for me not to mention.

  The Alexander Mcqueen Gown

A really stunning piece I love everything about it the color, the art and drama of this fashion piece. I have always known Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) but i never really dug dip in his collections. So after some research and googling I can safely say that lady gaga was right for picking him as her favorite designer. He is a fashion genius! His works are like paintings that came to life.

As for the shoes/stilettos or whatever you call it the design is really good but seeing this made me realize the biggest difference between a Male and Female fashion designer. A  female fashion designer would never ever design a shoes like that.Why you ask? Because being a part of the female population she knows how hard it already is to wear 3-4 inch high heels and creating such shoes would be unbearable for any girl/woman see how Lady Gaga needed the men in black just to walk the red carpet. While for the Male designers boundaries are limitless, they can just let their imagination wonder and create things that you have never thought of. This is also the reason why Lady Gaga got my respect in terms of fashion because her boldness makes this "not even supermodel would wear stuffs" reach the public eye opening their mind to out of this world fashion trends

                                                                    The Meat Dress

I can actually see the art in it. Who could have ever imagine that meat could look as glamorous as this dress. The dress was definitely not made by just placing each meat in the top of each other.You could see that the design was well thought of and the execution was top notch but again it is made from raw meat that's weird and crazy.

I was actually thinking what it will look like if it was made using synthetic materials but admit it or not the dress would loose it's spark and be just like any other dress. Lastly, I wonder how lady gaga smelled that night? She should wear raw vegetables next time that might ease the anger of PETA after all she is the one and only Lady Gaga.



As the end of the semester approaches i feel both happiness and anxiety..

Ending of a semester means two things to me:
1. Sem Break..Sem Break...Sem Break
2. Passing of final requirments and final examinations..

It's actually quit stressful so before i dive in the see of the unknown horror just for now i enjoy the time i have left to slack off and do nothing..^_^

But im actually trying to start it slowly..The final exam for our speech communication is nonetheless delivering our own speech. So im out here searching in my blog for topics or thoughts that i have posted that could be made in to a desirable speech that could give me a good final grade.

So wish me luck..^_^


Win a Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taeyang is one of the few korean artist i admire not only because of his music, but also his cute smile.Well what can i do im a sucker for guys with nice smile..^_^ So as soon as i read the post in Buhay sa Korea that she is giving away a deluxe version of his cd.. I did not hesitate to quickly opened my blog and write about it.

So here's the price

The Taeyang Solar Deluxe Edition includes:
1. the CD with extra bonus tracks
2. a YG Family Card
3. autographed photo
4. photobook
5. T-shirt designed by Taeyang

You can join the contest this way:
1. Earn 5 chances by blogging about this contest (60 words or more) with a link to this post. Or
2. Earn 1 chance by posting about this contest on your Facebook wall or Twitter

For complete details go to:  Kpop Mall Blog

i hope i win this..(crossfingers)^_^


Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

      Happy Birthday Mama Mary...^_^

a lot actually don't take note of her birthday..
If her son's birthday is a big celebration all over
the world. Why not hers?


Hostage Crisis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It took me a day to decide whether to comment on this sensitive topic..i don't wanna rush my thoughts and end up being too bias..

First of all only ourselves can decide whether we are good or bad. It is not others. All of us have reasons for doings things.

From a Filipino perspective. We Filipinos can sacrifice and restrain ourselves from confrontations as long as we can hold it back but once family becomes involve then that becomes a whole different situation..Filipinos have really strong family tights to the point that you go abroad and work to send money to your family back home leaving yourself with just enough money for food and rent.

and that's what triggered the infamous rolando mendoza seeing his family being dragged and arrest by the police.

I am not in favor of any side cause it is still not clear on how it ended up this way. You see judging a situation was never an easy thing a lot of underlying stories should be investigated. Most of all let's go back to where it all began. Why did it even cross his mind to hostage innocent people? Did he really do the crime he was accuse of? Why did'nt the court agreed on his appeal for a motion for reconsideration?

We cannot do anything anymore some already died and the world already saw how untrained philippine police are..So what are we going to do? For me it is to go back to the root of this which is the Law definitely this happened because of  the misuse of law and lack of some human rights related law. Training is very important too, you cannot just fire everyone who did mistakes. But we have to make sure that everyone up there is deserving and someone that can be a model for his subordinates.

Filipinos are not bad. One person's action cannot label a whole nation's values. It's sad how this one situation change how the world look at us. I hope that one day we can show you that we are not what you think we are..  

I sincerely give my condolence to the family of those who died from the hostage taking i will include them in my prayers so that they may rest in peace.

Lastly I am not ashamed that i am Filipino for what happened nor am i ashamed of rolando mendoza for what he did BUT what i am ashamed of is how many lives was wasted because of improper handling of situations.


The most important things i learned...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hmm..all exams are right now im going back to my laid back mode...

a lot of things happened to me this past few weeks..i was somehow enlightened and saddened by these events..but most of all i learned..i learned a lot. I've realize good things that i should have known way back then...

Lesson no.1

Don't judge a situation if you don't here both sides of the story..because it's people nature to tell the story in their perspective thus making the story a little bias because each would want to get your sympathy. This is something really common and it is not as bad as it's simply defending yourself and everyone does it even me.

Lesson no. 2

Stop looking/finding other people's faults and mistakes. Cause no one is perfect. Everyone will find something bad about someone. Yes we have to deal with imperfect people all our lives including ourselves. So deal and live with it.

Lesson no 3

Focus on the good points and not the bad points. This is both applicable to people and career. To people why focus on the bad things about them when there are bunch of good things you can say about others. In our career why choose a career when your not good at it at all. Choose a career you like and you are good at don't mind other people cause after all you won't succeed in that field if your not good at it.



Friday, August 6, 2010

Lately a have been depending on topics in girl talk for my post. It is for the reason that my mind is occupied with a lot of things and i feel that my brain is drained right girl talk providing a topic for me is a good way to continue blogging without the hassle of thinking what to write..^_^

Test week now have to study hard..again

wish me luck..^_^


GT: Reel Life

What movie would you recommend seeing with a friend?

First of all there a lot of good movies around and it would not be enough to write everything in this post..So i'll start by saying that when i'm with my friends we laugh a lot about anything, we talk about anything and do things when we want to them..

I want the movies i will watch with my friends to be something that we all can relate doesn't matter what genre it is as long as it could give us something to talk, laugh or argue about..

Chick Flicks are one of the top picks either american, korean or chinese is well accepted.
Disney-Pixar Movies are also favorites.We love talking about this movies, maybe because it brings back a lot of childhood memories.

as for what i recommend for my friends to watch it would be as follows..

Adventure-Action movies i really love those..
Kungfu movies love the killer moves of the lead character..
Comedy cause laughter is the best medicine

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GT: The Emo In Me

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is the  Emo in me? So let me start off with saying that i'm a very unpredictable person one moment im happy,loud and friendly then other moment i become really stubborn.

So what brings out the soft spot in me ..hmmm..It's Sincerity a sample situation would be someone spilling a drink on me..If that person apologize properly and i felt his sincerity then i would tell him its fine, but when he acts like a jerk and say sorry as if it was nothing then i would confront him. That would be the same for more serious situations..

So what brings out the worst in me? I don't usually talk back a lot. Especially to people whom i really don't know well. I just let them do the talking and I pretend to listen but of course i get a little annoyed but i can handle my anger. But once they say the one word stimulus that would make me lose control then that would be a whole different story..It's that me..

How do i show people they are important to me? well this is not my area of mastery..I was never showy to anyone not even my parents..I just make sure that they feel my presence and that i am there whenever they need someone to lean on.  I don't even show my jealousy well it always comes out funny and it looks like im just joking..but im really not..

As of now i am learning the art of controlling my emotions..I am a psychology student and it is very important in my course to understand what other people feel and think. This being said I should not get angry easily
because i should understand where they are coming from..and i am more knowledgeable of why they are doing those behaviors.  It's tough im only human after all but im trying my very best because i want to be like my psychology professors because they never seem to get angry..they are always so calm and compose..I wanna be like that someday..^_^

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Top droppers!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

This are the top 3 droppers..and i already sent them their ec credits
Dropper# of drops
Contest and Promos for Pinoys!29
Ramblings of a Haemophiliac18
My Simple World16
Wirez and Circuitz14
Story Teller's BLOG13
Nourishing Soul12
Tips for creative writing12
C'est La Vie11
bad credit mortgages9



Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of my little blog just posting this
to let you know i did not forget about it..hmmm..I'm thinking of giving
out much more ec credits than what i promise.for the top dropper...^_^


Thank God it's Friday!

A statement written on my classmate's shirt which also made me feel the feeling of thanking God it's friday!! Another busy week has ended for me..i feel the pressure continuously climbing up and me struggling to follow the rapid flow..

Thank God it's Friday i can rest without any other thoughts than just resting..i can slack around without feeling guilty! and most of all i can reflect on my deeds this week..Well time flies so fast and hell week is just 2 weeks ahead of me and my ever so demanding Psychometrics Professor is asking for a written report about different psychological before the hell week. I still have to finish that project..that means extra work on weekends and it will start tomorrow..what a happy day right?

At this moment i can really say  im in a relationship..yes im in a relationship with my studies...^_^

well this days im so into sara bareilles songs

Here's Between The Lines


Im trying know!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exactly! I'm trying hard and i hope our teacher will know that. I feel really down after quizzes in her subjects and my friends are with me...we are all staring in space right after it..

Well you must have felt the way i feel right now for at least once in your life..I read and memorize things more than i have ever did my whole life..(you see I'm really lazy in studying)..but it does nothing. She will give test items that sounded strange and unfamiliar to my ears..its crazy..its driving me crazy but what can i do that's life i just hope that will all the effort i put in her subject i will pass.(cross fingers).^_^

I'm also trying hard to understand what's happening with my fellow high school's crazy how they are dating each other in a way i would have never imagined..You will see their facebook relationship status with a certain name that is actually a close friend's ex..and still continue their friendship as if nothing do they do that? i have seen this happen many times but it still freaks me out i actually thought of a term for it..and i call it Recycling...just figure out why. I mean were in college now and i think that there are far more interesting guys out there than my old schoolmates..well that's life..just try hard to understand them.


Lost in the Anime World...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was walking..walking then i said were am I? then i saw familiar faces and concluded, This is the Anime my short time there i didn't forget taking they were

       our so many solo pics of him but i think
        this was the best one..
  awww..the human shark got Ax
         This costume is really cool...   

              The cute boy..^_^        
    Lol..the shark attacks again
  My the costume and love the lively
  2nd Best
 3rd best.hmmm.. tied with the violet one

      Group Pixxxxx

    This was good too..wonder why we did'nt have a solo of him..

      After running around and taking pictures here i am tired..

There were a lot more good costumes and cosplayers we had picture with..but this were the best shots..some pictures were so crazy specially our i think you know what i mean..^_^



Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not an anime fan but i have had classmates back in high school addicted to them and they tell me stories about it and my brother too is an anime fan so I'm quite familiar with them..My high school classmates even told me that they were saving money to join a cosplay cause it doesn't cost that cheap. Well i was not really sure if their plan happened but as for me i saw what cosplay was for the first time...

I went to the mall with my friends today and we were lucky enough to witness an on going cosplay of different anime was so cool and guess what i took a lot of cool pictures of them with me..and once it gets uploaded i will surely blog about it. You'll be amazed because of the craftsmanship put on every costume made and of course we only took pictures with cosplayers we thought looked really cool. I really think that dressing people for cosplays are really big test of ones artistic ability. I thought it was so cool that at one point there i wanted to wear what they were wearing and for most part i wanted to be the one making their was so it

so better watch out for really cool anime characters with me..hahaha i won't give a hint who they were for now..


Take a Break

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I actually did this break for 3 reasons:

1. To ease my internet addiction cause everyone knows how bad it is coming from a long vacation and going back to the normal school life.

2. To fix my schedule..means alotting time for my everyday activity without  feeling so tired and missing out on things..

3. To test myself how long i can withstand not using the internet.

Sometimes going away from your normal routine helps because you see new things that you would have not seen if you just continue the usual things you do....

If you feel tired,depress or sad i have one good advice for you Take a does not mean neglecting your responsibilities and leaving everything behind, but reflecting on what is to be done and going back as a person who is confident enough to face problems and  solving them without any doubts because you did not rush things out, instead you took sometime out and thought about it very well.

Just be positive and make the right choices and im sure that good things will follow



Im back after two weeks of absence in the blogging back on track!!

I included not checking my email for the 2 weeks and guess what im so lucky cause
i won the Fleur de lis giveaway contest. I won an pair of earrings and im so excited to
receive it!!!^_^

still halfway of July so everyone is still free to join my win free ec credits contest..^_^

so i'll have  separate post for what happened the last two weeks...

i will also resume my entrecard droppings..^_^


Win Free EC Credits!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is my first try for a small contest in the blogging world^_^

This coming July i will be giving out EC credits to my top droppers..

                       The top dropper will get 600 EC Credits
                       2nd will get 400 EC Credits
                       3rd will get 200 EC Credits

                       and the top 3 will also get an FOC advertisement
                       on my blog

 TO JOIN(rules)
 - Make sure you have an entrecard account.
 - your blog must have a banner.
 - Put my banner in your blog or Repost this linking to my blog.
 - and last but not the least leave a comment on this post letting me know
    that you are joining and leave a link of your blog so i can check if you
    followed the rules..




Away from blogging for a week or 2

I'll be away from blogging for a week or two cause i have to get back on track with school works and stuffs. Because I still have some summer jetlag and it affects my study and schedule..So i have to sacrifice something to
do better. It will only take a week or two for me to adjust to my new school schedule and after that im sure i'll be able to handle updating my blog and  studying hard at the same time so until..then please bare with me..

Restraining from blogging this time includes Entrecard droppings...To my Entrecard Droppers i will be back before you even notice...^_^

uhmm..remembered  that the 30th is the Inauguration of the next Philippine President and i surely cannot miss that so that they would be an exception and besides i have no classes that day so im free to blog...^_^


King of Anything--Sara Bareilles

Monday, June 21, 2010

As School days passed by more and more projects to be made are being revealed from learning to calculate and evaluate different psychological test to numerous reports and assignment that other teachers are giving out and they mean things seriously. The pressure is going up while my moral is going down....i see a lot of things happening ahead of me and just thinking about it makes me tired and as a music lover one thing that can soothe my stress are nice here's one song i really like by Sara Bareilles

she's right who made you king of anything!!


Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am currently struggling to bring back my normal sleep pattern..because during summer i stay up so late that when the new semester i still sleep the summer way..that's why this past few days i have been going to school with  little to no sleep at all. So when i finish school i go home immediately just to catch up from the sleep i loss. Like right now i just woke up because i wasn't able to sleep decently last night....

but i won't let this lack of sleep keep me from posting a greeting for my papa

Happy Father's Day!!!

im really sorry for being a brat sometimes and  you calling me maldita..i promise to be
a more mature individual from now on..Love You^_^


The Chronicles of Narnia--The Dawn of the Voyage Treader

Friday, June 18, 2010

I truly enjoyed the last two Narnias and i have been wondering when the

next one will come out.. and today while going around youtube i saw the
official trailer of the movie. That makes me really excited.I haven't really
read the book version. So i like it base on the movie without ranting about
how it is different from the book. Sometimes it's better being a movie fan 
than a book fan cause it's really disappointing not seeing the scenes you 
imagined in your head happen in the big screen. Watch it guys cause i will 
surely do!

sucks embedding was disabled!


Back to School Tommorow

Monday, June 14, 2010

A new semester is starting and im not in anyway nervous maybe because i got really use to it now..

This new semester brings back memories of the first day of college for me..

I woke up early in the morning not knowing what to expect in my first..i didn't know anyone and i felt
like backing out..

The first fear was commuting a longer not really use to commuting alone specially when im gonna go to far place because when i was in grade school i was in a school service and when i started high school i commute for no more than 10-15 mins and that was my first concern. My dad even told my mom to go with me for the first day of school but out of pride i said no just cause i wanna show them im a big girl now.

The second was not knowing's really frightening..i got used to being with my friends almost every time because when i was in highschool im with them from the beginning to the end of a the school year. Remembering that really hurt me but i still gathered all the strength i had and entered the big gate in front of my new school.

The third one was being accepted of course everyone would want to be accepted. Im not really that sensitive towards what others think as long i have friends who believe in me..and that was the problem i didn't have any friend so i wondered if a group of people will be able to accept me and call me a friend.

Upon entering the school i saw how strong and opinionated the students in a state university here in the Philippines they welcomed us with a rally and i did not know how to react...i was not really in favor of rallying and all but

all of this change...i know already why they rally and they are not senseless people..they fight for something. Right now all the fright i had back then was gone and im now as comfortable to my new school as to my old. I now got a set of college friends who i can rely on in times of trouble and share the joy i have when im happy.but as a school song said.."Meet new friends and keep the old one is silver and the other's gold"


Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12 1898
Philippines' Independence Day...
The day that made our heroes dream come true of a free
Philippines and the day that gave justice to the death
of does who joined the Revolution.

and the reason why i can now freely execute my rites as a citizen
of the Republic of the Philippines and of the world.


Fleur de lis Creation Giveaway contest...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i joined a contest in Fleur de lis Creation blog cause they have really nice prizes and easy way of
entering the contest..

for more details go to

here are the rules:

1. You must be a one of my follower of this blog/store only! It's optional if you want to fallow me on twitter. (I will check to confirm that you are a follower just to be fair)
2. Leave a comment below saying Enter Me!
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The Prices:

1st draw: Costume made Sterling Silver Clustered Bracelet (you can pick what color you want) with two Bare Minerals Foundation and one Bare Mineral Veil

2nd Draw: One customize I love Paris Necklace (You can pick the 16" or 18" and the pendant color) Two Bare Mineral Foundation and One Mineral Veil

3rd Draw: One Pair Of Kiss Earrings, One Bare Minerals Foundation and One Mineral Veil


Lady Gaga--Alejandro

I like the song and all but there's something really disturbing about
the video..i don't know..hope this video isn't too misleading to others
that it will come out as anti-christ campaign cause if it does then i can
surely smell a lot of controversies coming....I like lady gaga..fashionable, different and all but seriously she is not really a very good influence/role
model to the younger generation better not let them watch or idolize her..
Cause her image is too strong for a kids mind...


It's my day today...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today is my birthday so i will not be
writing something long..cause im gonna
have dinner with my family, gosh i feel
older and legal!!! I'm 18 now.


God's Promises for Girls--Review

Saturday, June 5, 2010

As i told in my other post i receive the book from booksneeze

and this is my review..

Rating: 4.5/5

 By Jack Countryman and Amy Parker

On the inside:

The book contains compilation of bible verses that talks about 
what God promises to little girls for every trouble and doubts 
they will encounter in their lives. Despite being a children's 
book i believe that the things written on the book can be applied
to any adult situation. So why not let your little girl read this book
and at the same time learn from it too. Let her know how important
and special she is because someone up there a king treats her like a
princess. Who believes that what makes a person beautiful is the
inner being and that there is someone who will always look after
her and love her unconditionally.

    an excerpt (one of my favorite verses) 

     " You Need Comfort

    Jesus said, "Don't let your hearts be troubled.
           Trust in God. And trust in me."

           John 14:1 "

This is a promise that up to this day i keep and believe in.

On the outer appearance of the book: 

For me it's brings back good memories of my childhood. The 
cover is really pleasing to eyes. The art of the book catches the
essence of what is the written in a way that children will enjoy 
especially little girls. Really cute!

A complimentary copy was sent by Thomas Nelson


The book from BookSneeze has arrived!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I know that since international shipping will take a while i did'nt
really expect the book to come soon for me to know and i
was somehow not sure if it will even be sent but today my mom
woke me up and said that have a package from overseas and
immediately i realize that it was the book even though it took
a month to still expect a book review from
my blog this coming days......

What BookSneeze is offering is a really good deal

The real cost of the book was $12.99 and i got it for free
for just a 200 word review isn't that cool for book lovers like
me so join now!

I review for BookSneeze


Rainy Season is coming

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When i woke up this was raining so hard and
i think it was heaviest rain we had here in the Philippines
since the summer started and I'm really happy cause I'm not
an avid fan of summer cause it's so hot and you sweat a lot.
The only good thing about summer is the beach but that's not
really a problem since i live and a tropical country any day
that it doesn't rain means your good to go the beach or pools.

The only thing i hate about the rainy seasons is that it also marks
the start of classes and classes means less time to blog and slack
off and more time to study,write papers and listen to boring teachers.

But that's life we keep moving forward no matter what!


The Middle Child Syndrome part 2

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the brighter side i am sure that i am not the most unfortunate

middle child in the world..

contrary to the belief..

1. No..I was not neglected
maybe because i am really an attention seeker ever since i was
young. I would do crazy things that my mom would get worried
of my actions and that cause her to look after me a lot back then..
This attitude of mine has toned down a lot this days but i know i
still unconsciously do some attention seeking things..

2. I am not anti social..
I am not the most approachable person out there but once a get
use to my environment i become friendly..and i have my own group
of friends...and the people i don't talk to are people i don't like.

3. I love being different...
They say that middle children are mostly the ones that has the most
different attitude among the siblings and i don't care i love being different
I love how i have different likes and passion compared to my siblings and
after all every person is unique and no two person is exactly the same.

4. I show them what i feel..
The thing is i know my parents are not fortune tellers..and they can't 
know everything im feeling..i tell them modestly,show it in my actions
(not the throwing things type though)what i do is i don't talk to them 
and make them feel that i feel mistreated and i do think that every 
parent is sensitive enough to know that something wrong with their child.

If you think that your the most unfortunate middle child out there..think
of people who grew up w/o a FAMILY aren't you tons luckier than them? 
Well I can say I AM, they don't have any parents to complain how they 
are being mistreated and no siblings that they can blame for the lack of
attention from their parents...

Focus on the things you have and get over the things you don't have that 
would be much easier because every one in the family has a role and i'm
sure that in each role there are pros and cons.


The Middle Child Syndrome

Saturday, May 29, 2010

For those who don't know what Middle Child Syndrome
click the link for more info.

Some people may not believe it but it exist I can
testify to it because i am a middle child myself..I am
born with an older sister and a younger brother..

I have wondered why my parents don't realize that i
was being treated unfairly by them. When i was young
i have thought of running away from home for some
reasons i have forgotten..that was stupid and ive realize
i will never do that..

For an instance when i was in a camping i waited for my
mom for a long time that i got desperate and i went home
alone, while during my brother's time they were already
waiting for him 30 minutes before he's the same
with our outbound eventhough i was tired i go home alone
while he got fetch by my mom or dad.. but this experience
made me more independent..i seldom ask my parents for
help if i have problems and sometimes they don't even know
i have one..and i've handled it all alone.

It was also hard for me to get what i want i have to give them
really good reasons or literally beg for it  that's when i realize
that my parents won't be around forever so i better start getting
things i want on my own.

 part 2 tomorrow gonna sleep now!!


Lee Dewyze Won!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ive always believe he would win the competition,,This was 
the first time i ever followed the whole american idol season
and I've also seen how he improved in every performance he 
did.... Congratulations Lee you deserve it!! Good Luck to 
your future Career..^_^

Another important happening in the finale was the tribute to
Simon Cowell cause we all know that it's his last season in
 Idol and I'm sure that American Idol will never be the same
without him=(

Lips of an Angel Lee Dewyze Cover..i thought this was really a
good rendition and that this kind of songs are the ones he should sing.

Sorry the video doesn't fit well..but who cares what matters is the music in it..^_^


The 3 stories

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i opened up the computer then log in my facebook
account and read 3 stories one was a poem, another
a story and the other is simply about 143 reasons
why she loved that person and you know what it have
in common the feeling of love and i was like danggg..
I knew i was missing something and i realize it was this
feeling but eventhough ive figured it out. Im still not yet see there was a time when i was ready..he
broke all my defenses but it did'nt work out and it really
hurt me and getting hurt was the main reason i don't like
relationships. Yah i know it's selfish but i know i'll get
pass through this.


A New School Year..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm really glad that i passed all the subjects i took this year
including the subject i attended this summer. I have already
enrolled for the new school year..Yes everytime i enroll i
make sure i  do it early as in around 1 am in the morning
cause i know that come late morning it would be near impossible
to enter my school's site cause of a lot of students logging in
and's better early than get pissed because you
cannot access their site..Registered all subjects i will take this
semester and i see more Psychology subjects coming up..
Now all I have to do is sit around and pay my tuition fee.

See it pays to be early..^_^


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