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100th Post

Thursday, February 19, 2009

this is my 100Th post in this blog, as i scan back
to what i have wrote here this last months i realize
just how time flies without us one of
my first post which states that there were only 2 days left
before the start of a new school year
and now what merely
2 weeks are left and then graduation practices then soon
enough it will be the day that will end and start a new
chapter in my life my graduation..

this will be my last post for this moment because I'm
busy passing all my requirements and I'm really in a haggard
mode. Maybe i can post again after our Periodical test
is done but for now i leave this 100Th post for people to read.

a song suited for people who graduate:

graduation song(friends forever ) by Vitamin C

Music Playlist at


Better left unsaid: Titanic 2

Friday, February 6, 2009

this is the trailer:

they say it's fake but still i commend the one who made this for the good
editing skills he/she have...but

there are just some things that's better left unsaid..

Titanic is really a good movie that it can stand alone without
any sequel it's beautifully done and executed.

and most of all

in reality not all things get a happy or sad ending just __________ and
this may let people move on with their life with confidence and not
be haunted by the past.


Memoirs of a Geisha

this was a book ive wanted to read way back
and now finished just a couple of days ago..

it's really a good book it shows the rich culture
of Japan. Ive always like Japanese art no..not just the anime..
but others the way their kimonos where designed the vibrant color they use..

the intricate and simplistic design they use, attract me a lot but
of course every cultures have it's own fault and it was also discussed
over the booked..

in a monogamy system rule over my country, it's really quit unethical to
go with different beautiful girls behind your wife's back.

and also theres a controversy going around the book saying it was all fictional
and some things mentioned about geishas were just made up!

so the book Geisha of Gion was made by Mineko Iwasaki to contradict all the
mistakes made by Arthur Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha

and that's the next book I'm gonna look for and read!!

heres some additional info about that:



new website for pinoys!!

i found a website that features all the latest
movies in the Philippines(some really old films as well)
and other good features..

i think it's a good way to kill time and save money since there's
a global recession..including few foreign movie..

TV Natin


Britney's back

im not really her biggest fan but i can reluctantly
say im a fan especially when i was younger..

after all the mishaps, blunders, scandals
she did this past few years i think britney's
back in the business...why???

because of this video:

this is the britney i once knew...!!

this video can be compared to her old videos in a good way!!

way to go britney!!


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