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Human Heart Nature Hydrating Toner Review

Monday, October 31, 2011

So last for this series of review is the Human Heart Nature Hydrating Toner Review.

So with no further ado here it is.

 Here are the all Organic Ingredients

My thoughts about this product:
  • The smell again same as the facial wash citrusy but not quit. =)
  • It does it's job well in cleansing dirt not taken away by the facial wash.
  • Did not sting even on parts of my face that has pimples.
  • I can actually feel this toner's tightening effect.
  • Texture-wise nothing different from other toners available in the market.
I'm really contented with this toner and after I'm done with this bottle i'm surely repurchasing. Need i say more =)

So that's it for my Human Heart Nature Review Series. I hope this reviews will help you make wise choices in choosing the beauty products you use.

I'm not sure when my next beauty reviews are coming up but this will definitely not be the last one. Next time  
 i'll focus more on make up =)


Human Heart Nature Hydrating Facial Wash Review

Saturday, October 29, 2011

So next up is the Human Heart Nature Hydrating Facial Wash Review. To start off i'm very sensitive when it's about facial wash because after a long day out your face really gets dirty so for me a facial wash that cleans my face well is really a must.

The All Organic Ingredients

My thoughts about this product:

  • I didn't have any breakouts using this product.
  • First of it is a liquid facial wash and not the foam one I'm used to.
  • It doesn't dry my skin after washing my face.
  • As for the cleaning part it does it's job but as i said I am really sensitive when comes to facial wash so i'll give it's cleansing component a 3/5. 
  • Just something personal i really prefer foam cleansers rather than the liquid one so i'm not really ecstatic upon seeing it's consistency 
  • Weird smell not awful just weird. Smells citrusy but not quit! I can't explain it.  
  • I almost forgot unlike commercially available cleanser this one doesn't produce bubbles which really takes time getting use to.
I guess organic cleanser are not for me since i really want that squeaky clean feeling other foam cleansers give but what i really appreciate about this that it's keep the skin moisturize despite the cleansing work it does.

Just to clear out my 3/5 cleansing component rating. I made an experiment. I tried using a foam cleanser that day then used a toner after, though i still got some dirt it was not as much as the dirt and makeup i get using a toner after washing my face with the Human Heart Nature Hydrating Facial Wash


Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Review

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My next review will be the most raved about product from Human Heart Nature. The Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil. Let's see if i was impressed or not.

I've used half of it already =b

The all Organic Ingredients:

My thoughts on this product:
  • I did'nt have any breakouts using this product.
  • Unlike other oils this doesn't feel too heavy on the skin.
  • The skin easily absorbs the Sunflower Beauty Oil by massaging it just a little.
  • After a few use you can already feel your skin getting softer.
  • After few use my under eye circles became smaller and less noticeable.
  • My underarms felt softer and i did see some lightening effect though not too drastic.
  • I also use it on my blemishes and they seem to appear lighter faster than before.
  • I don't use this product on my hair so i won't really know the effect. Because I don't like it when my hair feels sticky cause more dirt can stick to it. 
  • I've tried it as a makeup remover and i can say it does take of all the makeup off in your face.
It's an okay product i can see good effects on me but not like how other people who attest to big changes because of the sunflower beauty oil or maybe i just use it sparingly that's why i only see little changes but anyhow i still like how this sunflower beauty oil is unlike other oils not to sticky and leaves the skin softer after multiple uses. I'll definitely purchase again.


Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm Review

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fourth review of the series. Human Heart Nature is selling different variants of Lip Balms but i chose this one because i was kinda curious on how a choco-vanilla lip balm would smell and taste. So here it is my Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm  Review.

Again the all organic ingredients =)

Any reactions after using the product? No, my lips just felt soft and moisturize after putting it.



First impression of the product? I can't stop smelling this lip balm and i'll never get tired of doing so because it smells exactly like choco-vanilla I really love it when I'm using products that smells like food. =)

What was it's effect on my lips? As I said my lips felt soft and moisturize. Gone were the days when people would notice my chapped lips. It really made my lips soft and even when i don't have it i on, my lips were not as chapped as before. I can say I really see good effects in the Human Heart Nature Original Formula Lip Balm. 

I can only say good things about this product. I've always had problem with chapped lips but i avoided using lip balms or gloss because most of the time they are too sticky for my liking. And this one is really different not heavy at all and doesn't give you a sticky feeling. As a testament to liking this product i also use it before i sleep to keep my lips from chapping at night.

that's all wait for the next one =)


Human Heart Nature Super-Fruits & Black Rice Facial Scrub Review

Sunday, October 23, 2011

 Third review of the Human Heart Nature Haul Series. By now i'm getting used to it. Endlessly uploading pictures and writing about my thoughts about the products have become easier. So without further ado here's my review of the Super-Fruits and Black Rice Facial Scrub. (as you can see i'm following the same pattern of questions for every review since this are the questions i always ask before getting a product)

Again i'm giving you a peak of the all organic ingredients that human heart nature use for this product.(just enlarge the pic for better view)

Did i have any skin reaction using this product? No, but as i have said in my two previous post skin type of people varies. It can be their genes,eating habits or lifestyle but some are really prone to having breakouts while others are blessed effortlessly clear skin.

What was my first impression of the product? It doesn't smell good and I don't think i'll ever get used to it's smell but for the sake of this facial product being all organic i'll let it go. Another thing is the rice grains i can see it with my naked eyes and feel it with my bare hands.

Okay I'll elaborate more on it's texture by showing pictures here they are
(the small brown dots you see are  rice grains)

What does it feel like after applying it to the face? While applying it in my face i thought i was using a body scrub the grains are big and it can really hurt my skin if I scrub too hard. So Instead I scrub my face gently in circular motion so that it won't hurt my face. So here comes the after application part I think it did it's part because after washing of the scrub my face felt super soft and when i look in the mirror my face looked healthy and bright.

How long will it last with daily use? Since it's a facial scrub using it everyday will be too harsh for the skin so i only use it 3 times a week and a pea-size amount is enough for the whole face so i think it will last for 2-3 months. 

I was starting out with whole exfoliating routine and I've already bought a body scrub and have been using it for months but I still didn't own any facial scrub so i haven't had much experience with using facial scrubs. Human Heart Nature Facial scrub is not a bad facial scrub to start with though the product definitely has a room for improvement. and despite the flaws of the Human Heart Nature Facial Scrub  its still all organic and won't do any harm to your skin unlike other chemically made scrubs. =)


Hand and Body Goat's Milk and Cocoa Lotion Review

Friday, October 21, 2011

First of all i wanna tell my readers why i decided to make some beauty reviews this semestral break. I love lurking around the Blogosphere and it was then i discovered the world of beauty blogging for more than a year now i have been following a lot of beauty blogs and reading reviews about different products but i never thought of making one my self until i saw my sister making reviews about beauty products and realize i could try it too since it won't hurt to try something new. =)

So again i'll use my Human Heart Nature Haul post as reference for this one. Now i'm gonna review the Hand and Body Goat's Milk and Cocoa Lotion

  Here are the all organic ingredients of this Hand and Body Lotion.

Did I have any reactions using this product? No, i did'nt have any reactions to this product but then again our skin types are different from each other.

What was my first impression of the product? Well nothing really stood out in this product it looks and feels just like other lotions I've tried except that it's smells exactly like a real mango that I'm tempted to taste it. Texture wise the product was not too thick and spreads out easily.

        before                            after applying the lotion

What was it's effect on my skin?  Right after using the product my skin felt so soft and nice to touch. It smells like a real mango but i never had any problems with ants biting me while sleeping even though i smell sweet. The smell doesn't really last long but the softness in your skin last the whole day. I use it every morning before going to school and at night before going to bed. 

How long will it last with daily use? I think it will only last for 1 month since I use my lotion daily( morning and night). Even though it will only last for a month i think it's still worth the price i payed since other lotions in the market have the same price or even more expensive and most of all they contain non-organic chemicals.

From the comments I've read from the human heart nature site they are phasing out the product soon. And i'm not really happy because i would love to purchase it again after i finish this bottle. I'm really a big fan of fruity smells especially if it's smells like one of my favorite fruits.

So that's about it!! Wait for my next reviews =)


Human Heart Nature Night Moisturizer Review

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So as i told before i had a Human Heart Nature Haul and this review is the first one for the series Human Heart Nature Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera Night Moisturizer Review. 

 So as promise Human Heart Nature use all organic ingredients to make their beauty products. Here it is:

Did i have any breakout using this? No, but you still can't be sure since we have different skin types. (FYI: I have a sensitive skin as reference to my past pimple breakout)

What was my first impression of the product? The smell was weird it wasn't awful smelling but it smells different but after some time i got used to the smell and I like it now.

What does it feel after applying it on my face? It was heavy and it felt sticky and warm. The skin absorbs the moisturizer slowly so a pea size amount of the moisturizer is enough to give you a moisturize face you don't have to put so much.. 

   look at it's thick texture

What was it's effect on my skin? Well as it was a night moisturizer you observe it's effect in the morning. When i woke up my face wasn't oily at all I was kinda amaze because when i slept that night my face felt sticky but when i woke up it was different. My face was not oily and i immediately notice a certain glow in my face. I was very satisfied with it's effect. =)

How long will it last with daily use? I think it will last around 3-4 months since you only use it at night and you only need a pea-size amount of the Human Heart Nature Night Moisturizer every application. It is definitely worth the P124 or even more since you don't only get a good product but help Filipino people make a living. 

So that's it for my first ever beauty product review.Wait for the next one!! =)

EDIT: This December my skin became flaky and dry and suddenly i became allergic to this product everytime i wake up my face no longer glows but becomes really red and itchy which made me go crazy because i can't go out eventhough its the holiday season.. the last time i check this product is already discontinued which is a really good news since i don't want others to suffer what i suffered. 

which brought me to a conclusion that even organic products can harm the skin too. So beware of products with beeswax.. Good thing the sunflower oil i bought from their site helps in the healing process.


Human Heart Nature Haul

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last month i realize i was running out of essential skin products and wanted to try something different and new. So what came to my mind was Human Heart Nature. It is an amazing company that sells all organic and chemical free beauty products in very reasonable prices. I also wanted to support it because it is a Filipino company and it aims to help Filipino farmers make a living. Sorry for the pictures I've been using the products for almost a week before I realize i should take pictures. =b

So what are the things I got??

So there they are it cost me no more than P1000 for all this products including the shipping. The prices are very reasonable for a college student like me.

The shipping took less than 24 hours but again I'm living in metro manila so that's understandable. 

Watch out i'll review each product this following days =)


How to prevent pimples

Hi im back and as promise i would like to share the girly side of me.

 I have really sensitive skin and i suffered from acne back at the peak of my puberty so i really do my best to take care of my skin. Suffering from acne was hard i've used a lot of products and none of them seemed to work until my skin started clearing up and that was the time i told myself that i'll never go back to the old me. Those were really rough times i don't even take pictures back then because i was so embarrassed with my skin. I didnt like going out cause I always feel like their staring at my full of pimples face.

So here are my tips on how to prevent pimples:

1. After that breakout i realized that you cannot get rid of pimples overnight or a short period of time. You should have patience.

2. Observe your daily routine to pin point what causes you to break out.

3. If you've already use all kinds harsh stuffs try going for the mild ones. Maybe your skin just is too sensitive for harsh skin products.

4. Don't touch your face or at least disinfect before observing/touching your pimples.

5. Don't prick! trust me when  your pimples are all gone this scars made by pricking will become your major problem.

6. Pimples usually leave blemishes to our skin and all you have to do is find an effective whitening soap and use it daily. When going out use sunblock to prevent your blemishes from getting darker.

7. Drinks lots and lots of water because it keeps the skin moisturize and keeps bad stuff away from our body by eliminating them through urination.

8. Make healthy choices because if your body is healthy then it can heal itself faster.

9. Live your life the way it was before you got acne. Having acne doesn't make you less of a person it is just like any other disease that can be cured over time so why bother. Friends/Lovers etc are considered fake when they leave you behind because of your bad skin. I mean that's just lame right!


I Hope this help people who are having pimples or acne problem.=)


Music Musings

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hi, It's been a while but i still can't sit down and right a decent post..

So to make it up i'll post a Filipino song with a different feel =)

It's Sitti Navarro's Bosa Nova version of Tattooed on My Mind she's one of my favorite OPM artist.

Enjoy!! My beauty reviews are coming up after i wrap up this semester!!


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