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Friday, March 18, 2011

It's been a while since I post a song here in my blog I'm currently listening to Jason Mraz. I have always been a Jason Mraz fan but only now have i realize how good he really is. It has always bothered me when singers seems not to sound as good as they're studio version and that's the difference between them and Jason Mraz, he is so much better live. If he ever have a concert again in the Philippines I will definitely go cause i know my money's gonna be worth it!

Enjoy the Music.. :))


My heart goes out for Japan!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When i came home last friday from school I immediately got online and opened my twitter account and realize that something horrible happened to Japan. I still don't know how big it was but I immediately assumed that Japan can handle it. Philippines is also a part of The Pacific Ring of Fire where earthquakes and volcanic activities always happen and I know for a fact that Japan is well prepared for this kind of things. I once read that their buildings were built specifically to withstand several earthquakes. I guess no matter how prepared you are when mother nature decides to strike back you cannot really do anything. When i saw pictures and reports about the earthquake in Japan that was the only time it sink in to me that they cannot do it on their own. Their status as a super power economy now doesn't matter. Lives of people,food and shelter for those who survive is now the main priority. So send out your prayers, money, anything you think might help them. Nationality doesn't matter for we are all citizens of the world!

I've realize something after this devastating calamity. In the end it really doesn't matter who's rich or poor because we are all equal in the eyes of God. All the money can be swept away but the good things you do for others will forever remain in their memories.

To Japan I offer my sincerest prayer to all the people who died because of this calamity and for your country to get by this very sad part of your history. My heart goes out for JAPAN


Earth Hour 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I've always loved nature I think that's the reason why i hate my Ecology class. I know, I know, I just said something contrary to each other. Let me tell you first about how it feels like to be in my Ecology class. The teacher comes tells us to open our book to this page then starts discussing about endless ecological terms in a monotonous and lifeless tone and that is definitely not how I imagined my Ecology class to be. Somehow i felt that Ecology class should be about exploring nature and seeing how beautiful God made this world and then realizing that it should be preserved and protected. As they say to see is to believe. I've done some nature tripping in the past and i would love to do a lot more in the future. So please save mother earth! My generation and the future generation deserves to see how beautiful the world is!

One way of showing you care for Our Planet is through the Earth Hour! 
Saturday, March 26, 2011
8:30-9:30 PM


Philippines' People Power and Egypt

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay i have totally forgotten about this post. It was left unfinished for a while and only now have i gotten the chance to complete  it. Series of events have quickly unfolded and this post may seem to be outdated but i would still like to post it because a lot of countries have become inspired in bringing back the democracy in their country.

In Psychology there is a term called "frame of reference" since i was not yet born when this happened i am telling the story in my own frame of reference it may seem different and distorted compared to the older and younger generation and there is no need to criticize my thoughts.

A lot of news has been coming out about the massive protest happening in Egypt. Shutting down the internet connection,cutting telecommunication lines. Have made me instantly remember the Philippines' People Power Revolution. Lead by the now deceased Corazon Aquino mother of our President. That time the President was Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines famous dictator though i regard him as a person with a very brilliant mind and i believe that despite his bad reputation have done good things for the country.

I was not yet born when People Power Revolution happened but since it is a very important part of our country's history i think i know enough details about the event based on documentaries, lectures and books.


Filipino people for the first time after 30 long years have gathered enough courage to condemn the current administration and bring back the democracy and freedom in the Philippines. After the death by gunshot of the famous opposition senator Benigno Aquino Sr.,while going down to the plane in a Philippine airport. Series of demonstrations were made. Everyone went out of the streets unarmed but high in spirits chanting, praying and waiting for the then President Marcos to surrender his Presidency. After the death of Benigno Aquino his wife Corazon Aquino became the iconic figure of democracy showing the people light for freedom in every sense. She then became the new president after Marcos flew away from the country becoming the first  female president and the first president under the 1987 constitution.

 A video would give a better view of this part of our history.

So what the Egyptians are trying to do is possible. After all people are the most important part of a state. But what comes after? 25 years after our famous People Power is the Philippines already a first world country? The big answer is No. Bringing back the democracy is just a step for making a strong and stable economy. I know the people there are hoping for a better life right after the chaos but serious work is to be done. Philippines after gaining back the democracy have stopped aiming higher goals for the country it's sad but i know one day we will make it. I hope the Egyptians will learn some lesson from our history. We may be of different race and culture but we are all under the same sky.


Happy March

First day of March! Another month has ended and another will start. I haven't really posted anything in a while but i promise to read some new books or watch some new dramas or movies and put my review here. Just let this month finish and I'll be back to being an active blogger. Yup that's right our vacation is coming and it's getting hot in here well literally! cause I'm feeling the summer breeze. What to expect in my incoming reviews? I will write reviews about some classic best sellers and i think some new korean dramas. I'm  trying to review books and movies as much as i can cause besides having an outlet to complain or praise others work. It gives me more ideas and insights about things.

Enjoy this month!

Well i'm not really inactive in the blogging world I have recently decided to tweet! So for more snippets of my crazy, funny and sometimes witty thoughts just follow me @nerizarts . Don't worry i follow back everyone who follows me! Thanks..^_^


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