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Top droppers!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

This are the top 3 droppers..and i already sent them their ec credits
Dropper# of drops
Contest and Promos for Pinoys!29
Ramblings of a Haemophiliac18
My Simple World16
Wirez and Circuitz14
Story Teller's BLOG13
Nourishing Soul12
Tips for creative writing12
C'est La Vie11
bad credit mortgages9



Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of my little blog just posting this
to let you know i did not forget about it..hmmm..I'm thinking of giving
out much more ec credits than what i promise.for the top dropper...^_^


Thank God it's Friday!

A statement written on my classmate's shirt which also made me feel the feeling of thanking God it's friday!! Another busy week has ended for me..i feel the pressure continuously climbing up and me struggling to follow the rapid flow..

Thank God it's Friday i can rest without any other thoughts than just resting..i can slack around without feeling guilty! and most of all i can reflect on my deeds this week..Well time flies so fast and hell week is just 2 weeks ahead of me and my ever so demanding Psychometrics Professor is asking for a written report about different psychological before the hell week. I still have to finish that project..that means extra work on weekends and it will start tomorrow..what a happy day right?

At this moment i can really say  im in a relationship..yes im in a relationship with my studies...^_^

well this days im so into sara bareilles songs

Here's Between The Lines


Im trying know!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exactly! I'm trying hard and i hope our teacher will know that. I feel really down after quizzes in her subjects and my friends are with me...we are all staring in space right after it..

Well you must have felt the way i feel right now for at least once in your life..I read and memorize things more than i have ever did my whole life..(you see I'm really lazy in studying)..but it does nothing. She will give test items that sounded strange and unfamiliar to my ears..its crazy..its driving me crazy but what can i do that's life i just hope that will all the effort i put in her subject i will pass.(cross fingers).^_^

I'm also trying hard to understand what's happening with my fellow high school's crazy how they are dating each other in a way i would have never imagined..You will see their facebook relationship status with a certain name that is actually a close friend's ex..and still continue their friendship as if nothing do they do that? i have seen this happen many times but it still freaks me out i actually thought of a term for it..and i call it Recycling...just figure out why. I mean were in college now and i think that there are far more interesting guys out there than my old schoolmates..well that's life..just try hard to understand them.


Lost in the Anime World...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was walking..walking then i said were am I? then i saw familiar faces and concluded, This is the Anime my short time there i didn't forget taking they were

       our so many solo pics of him but i think
        this was the best one..
  awww..the human shark got Ax
         This costume is really cool...   

              The cute boy..^_^        
    Lol..the shark attacks again
  My the costume and love the lively
  2nd Best
 3rd best.hmmm.. tied with the violet one

      Group Pixxxxx

    This was good too..wonder why we did'nt have a solo of him..

      After running around and taking pictures here i am tired..

There were a lot more good costumes and cosplayers we had picture with..but this were the best shots..some pictures were so crazy specially our i think you know what i mean..^_^



Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm not an anime fan but i have had classmates back in high school addicted to them and they tell me stories about it and my brother too is an anime fan so I'm quite familiar with them..My high school classmates even told me that they were saving money to join a cosplay cause it doesn't cost that cheap. Well i was not really sure if their plan happened but as for me i saw what cosplay was for the first time...

I went to the mall with my friends today and we were lucky enough to witness an on going cosplay of different anime was so cool and guess what i took a lot of cool pictures of them with me..and once it gets uploaded i will surely blog about it. You'll be amazed because of the craftsmanship put on every costume made and of course we only took pictures with cosplayers we thought looked really cool. I really think that dressing people for cosplays are really big test of ones artistic ability. I thought it was so cool that at one point there i wanted to wear what they were wearing and for most part i wanted to be the one making their was so it

so better watch out for really cool anime characters with me..hahaha i won't give a hint who they were for now..


Take a Break

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I actually did this break for 3 reasons:

1. To ease my internet addiction cause everyone knows how bad it is coming from a long vacation and going back to the normal school life.

2. To fix my schedule..means alotting time for my everyday activity without  feeling so tired and missing out on things..

3. To test myself how long i can withstand not using the internet.

Sometimes going away from your normal routine helps because you see new things that you would have not seen if you just continue the usual things you do....

If you feel tired,depress or sad i have one good advice for you Take a does not mean neglecting your responsibilities and leaving everything behind, but reflecting on what is to be done and going back as a person who is confident enough to face problems and  solving them without any doubts because you did not rush things out, instead you took sometime out and thought about it very well.

Just be positive and make the right choices and im sure that good things will follow



Im back after two weeks of absence in the blogging back on track!!

I included not checking my email for the 2 weeks and guess what im so lucky cause
i won the Fleur de lis giveaway contest. I won an pair of earrings and im so excited to
receive it!!!^_^

still halfway of July so everyone is still free to join my win free ec credits contest..^_^

so i'll have  separate post for what happened the last two weeks...

i will also resume my entrecard droppings..^_^


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