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Asia Song Festival 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 2008 Asia Song Festival, where artists of different Asian countries come together for one terrific concert, will be held this coming October 3-5, 2008 at the Sangam World Cup Stadium, Seoul and will accomodate approximately 6,000 fans. This year will be the the 5th Asia Song Festival and a lot of popular artist from their respective countries will be performing at the said event. Here’s the list of performers are as follows:


- SHINee (Korea)
- Berryz Kobo (Japan)
- Yoga Lin (Taiwan)
- Jocie Guo Mei Mei (Singapore)
- BX (Mongolia)
- PECK (Thailand)
- Rynn Lim (Malaysia)

MAIN CONCERT - October 04, 2008

Best Asian Singer Awards:
- TVXQ (Korea)
- SNSD (Korea)
- W-inds (Japan)
- Anson Hu (China)
- Fahrenheit (Taiwan)
- Karen Mok (Hong Kong)
- ICE (Thailand)
- Ho Quynh Huong (Vietnam)
- Rivermaya (Philippines)
- Agnes Monica (Indonesia)

Asian Newcomers:
- SHINee (Korea)
- Berryz Kobo (Japan)

for more info visit thisASF08


more of AKFG

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Asian Kung-Fu Generation (アジアン・カンフー・ジェネレーション, Ajian Kanfū Jenerēshon?) is a Japanese rock band signed by Ki/oon Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The band was first formed in 1996 by Kensuke Kita, Takahiro Yamada, and Masafumi Gotō who met in a musical circle of Kanto Gakuin University, with Kiyoshi Ijichi joining the band shortly after. They played in many small venues until they released their first indie EP in 2000, a six-song EP of songs sung in English.

among their famous song are as follows:

Rewrite: fourth opening song for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist
Haruka Kanata: second opening of the anime Naruto
Their song "After Dark" is the seventh opening for the anime Bleach


Kimi Tsunagi Five M (2003)
Sol-fa (2004)
Fanclub (2006)
Feedback File (2006)
World World World (2008)
Surf Bungaku Kamakura (2008)


Masafumi Goto: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist
Kensuke Kita: Lead guitarist and background vocal
Takahiro Yamada: Bassist and background vocals
Kiyoshi Ijichi: Drummer

well their first album(indie) was in english
but i prefer their japanese tracks cause sometimes
i cant understand what Goto is saying...but ohh
well the sounds still good!!

if you want to know more about them go to their
english fansite: AJIKAN


Asian Kung Fu Generation

i became an instant fan when i heard their
song played in the anime called bleach that
my brother was watching a while ago their
music is simply my type of music i really love
their instrumental it was so good!!!

well as they say music has no bounderies
sometimes even you dont know the language
strangely you'll still like the song cause
music is a strange language that anyone can
understand and relate to.

After Dark by Asian Kung Fu Generation

you could go here for the:lyrics&translation



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ive search the dictionary for
not so famous but deep words
that could be a candidate as my
blog title...

and NASCENCE was the winner and
i really thought for an explanation
for it...

Nascence base from the dictionary means:

- Coming into existence; emerging:
- being born or beginning

why i choose this cause I'm starting
to emerge as a mature individual stating
opinion about different issues.

At this age I'm starting to be aware of
this so called life in a wider perspective.

my existence will soon be notice by a more
people not just by my classmates, friends,
neighbors and relatives.

cause i will share my thoughts in this blog
and let my opinions be heard..


Without You By Charlie Wilson


It feels like a lifetime
A thousand days have passed by
Since i held you close to me

If i could see that smile from my friend
I know that i could live again
I need you here with me

Heaven knows what to say
Even though for right now
You're so far away
I hope and i pray
Somewhere in your heart
I'll always stay

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine
Without you

This is more for me than for you
Girl, i finally see there's no substitute
For what we have
Do you know how much i love you?

And that we shared
I can't forget
Girl, a love like yours
I'll never let just slip away
Just promise that you stay

Heaven knows what to say
Even though for right now
You're so far away
Gonna tell you and show you
Do whatever i can do to get back to you

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine...

Have you ever seen a flower that never bloom?
See the starless night without the moon?
Well, that's me without you
So come back and turn my nights into days...

Girl, lately
The sun doesn't shine without you
Never noticed what it feels like to be
Without you
Feels like i took my last step
and my last breath
in my life ending
Had to say just what i was feeling, girl
'Coz my sun doesn't shine, sun doesn't shine
Without you

..when will i have you back??
I miss you soo much..
'coz i love you..


umbrella with style

speaking of umbrellas i really like
the old japanese style of umbrella
it elegant and fashionable very
detailed and delicate how i wish
i could have one but i won't use it,
it might get wet....LOL

isn't it made to be wet???

well i don't care if i got one i
won't use's for display!!


Soaking wet

Yesterday i went home soaking wet
because af the very hard rain....

and i was kinda irritated cause i
always bring my umbrella with me
but because i already carry a lot
of stuffs i decided to leave my
umbrella behind since it seems like
it's not gonna rain but i was 100%
wrong it rained hard not just hard
but so hard and the result i was
soaking wet...


i even got scolded when i got home for
not bringing my umbrella

the moral lesson: bring your umbrella
everyday no matter what!!!



Who said that only sunset in manila bay is beautiful?

Manila Bay Sunrise

by: Peter Tongco

i really love sunrise

signifies a new day

hope for a better day

somewhat a goodluck charm
for me i feel good when i see
the sunrise.

it also let me observe people's
daily acivity early in the
morning and their expressions.

i really love observing the things
i see and i can do that when the
sun is shining brightly and


For my future

Today i took a test that will determine
what i could be in the future.....

it took about 5 hours

it's actually mandatory and if you fail
you'll have to settle for a technical
or vocational course.

which i don't like cause someday i wanna
be a professional.



haven't blog for a while since a lot things
have been going on my mind....


MTV Asia Awards 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

was held last August 2 2008 in Malaysia
there are lot of performances......

and the winner of each countries are as follows

Favourite Artist of Mainland China - Li Yu Chun
Favourite Artist of Hong Kong - Leo Ku
Favourite Artist of Indonesia - Yovie & Nuno
Favourite Artist of Korea - Super Junior
Favourite Artist of Malaysia - Nicholas Teo
Favourite Artist of Philippines - Chicosci
Favourite Artist of Singapore - Stefanie Sun
Favourite Artist of Taiwan - Show Lo
Favourite Artist of Thailand - TOR+ Saksit

International Music Awards:
Favourite International Artist of Asia - Linkin Park
Best Hook-up - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic -"Apologize"
The Innovation Award - Radiohead
Breakthrough Artist - Leona Lewis
Video Star - 30 Seconds to Mars - "A Beautiful Lie"
Bring Da House Down - Muse - Muse Asia Tour (Jan 2007)
edc Style Award - Panic at the Disco
Knockout Award - The Click Five
Inspiration Award - Karen Mok

well for Philippines i bet for Urbandub coz i really like
their music i even voted for them online since im too lazy
to vote for contest like this sadly chicosci won it's not that i don't
like them i just like Urbandub's music better.

i cannot find a good source of video for this one mostly
you'll only see cuts from performances so i decided not to
put links.


the day before yesterday

the day before yesterday was 888 its considered
as a lucky number for chinese well im not chinese
and i don't live in china but a lot of people here
think that it's a lucky number as well.....

so i want to enumerate the things that happened that day
so i could make a realization if im one of those lucky
people that day.

-last day of our exams
-i manage to take the exam ive missed
-start of Beijing Olympics
-had time to rest after a stressful week
-a lot of people married
-a lot of babies were born

well that's all i could rememeber
over all that day was fine not ecstaticly
good but fine..

but we could always be lucky if we think
were lucky cause being lucky is more of
having a good aura and output in life.

well while writing this reminded me of the
movie just my luck starring Lindsay Lohan
nothing just came across my mind don't know
if it has relevance.

Well as i promise I will post more regularly
im just gonna figure out what sched i will
follow since right know i post weekly^^



this past few days I've been thinking of
ways to make my blog look good....
So i haven't post anything important
or even latest news it might be late but
still I'm gonna post events that happened
last week and this week!


At last!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

the test week's finish but still it's not over
cause i still have to wait for the results...
i wish that it would be a mark that's not
embarrasing to show my parents!!!!!


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