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encounter with the inmates..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this fourth year we have a lot of extra
curricular activities that's really good
and enlightening.....

just last last week we had our L.S.S then
this week we had our graduation picture taking
and today we had our Jail Apostolate we went
to the correctional in mandaluyong were all
female prisoners live... and each of us have
our own inmate to interact with..

mine was really kind and i think she's rich but
as i said a while a go life is like a tire some
times your in the top and sometimes your down....

she's 52 years old has 3 children all boys and
when she was jailed her youngest was just a baby
she's been in jail for 14 years and all don't
wanna elaborate.... but i think she's luckier than
most inmates cause her family is very supportive
they never forgot her, they sustain her with everything
she needs and never lost communication...and I'm happy for her

her case was illegal recruitment she was not really
an expert in that field but someone pushed her too
and she didn't have any license and she got caught
she tried to fight back but they were more powerful..obviously
but I'm happy for her cause she got a pardon for having
a good character she might be released early next year..

and they also told us that life in jail is not easy we might think
that they are provided with everything they need but that's not
really true they have to buy everything from clothes up their
own shampoo toothbrush and what's worse is that they don't have
any stable income just what they get from making souvenirs
so inmates who are not visited by they're relatives don't have any
money to buy their basic commodities...

Ive realize that not all prisoners are bad or should i say
they are all not bad it's just that in our life there are certain
circumstances we cannot avoid...

so i learned to be careful with my actions..


still thinking..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

im not ready to share anything new
i have to clear my mind and think
everything's fine .......

so im gonna post something relevant
when im fine and ready...^^



it's been a wkile since i last post something...
it's not i don't go online but i cant think of
any thing to write but ive realize that i should
update my blog..

my last two weeks was overall fine alot of unexpected
stuffs happened and i dont wanna elaborate cause i cannot
express everything in words...

im thinking a lot right now..many things..

i just cant express what i feel in words..but
i can think of a word that would sum up everything..



My Lola,,get well soon

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As ive said in my other post my lola
is in the hospital right now..and she's
suffering a lot of diseases. and i want to
dedicate this post for her....

i grew up with my lola never been away from
her since our house is just a few step
away from hers so im so used of her being
around all the time

...I still vividly remember that as a child
i use to get scolded by my parents because i was
scared of my parents what i would do is go to my
lola's place and she will comfort me and let me eat...
never really thought that this day will come..
when i would see her lying in the bed helpless...
she is one of the most industrious people i know..
how could i forget everything she has done for me...
her cooking is the best!! how i wish she would be
strong again how i wish i could see her back to how
healthy she was i wish i could comfort
her and ease the pain she feels just like what she does
to me..

but i will not lose hope!! i will continue praying for her
because i want her to see us her grandchildrens successful
in life...

so lola hold on!!! you will get better before Christmas!!

lola means grandmother


a lot of work to do...

i have alot of work to do!!
i have classes until sunday!!
end at around 7:00pm it's not
actually a classroom base activity
but more of a religious one since
im studying in a catholic school...
but still it's tiring for sure...

and most of all i gave been wanting
to visit my lola(grandma) in the hospital
but i surely can't this week im too busy
how i wish i could visit her...

and i offer the religous activity for
the better health of my lola...
i miss my lola's cooking so much...


end of sembreak

Sunday, November 2, 2008

it's the end of our sembreak today!!!

this last week pass like the wind
it's over!!

and im still not ready for school tommorow but i have to...
can't do anything about it.... i have to face new challenges
starting tommorow....



a new blog name for my new blog look..

i choose that title because i want to straighten
my life make it better and choose the right thing for

another is..

it's actually a title of a book ive read way back
this title just came to me i search for it's meaning
to be sure then... i decided to use it...


New blog look

as you can see my blog have undergone revision
this past few days, that's why i haven't post anything
cause im busy doing my blog...

i made the header myself....

so as the background....

using the GIMP editor it's as powerful as adobe photoshop
and the best thing about it is you can download it for free!!!

with the help of again Blogger Buster's instructions and a bit
of html and artistic touch i have made this whole new look for
my blog...

it's still good to make your blog look different from others.


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