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Things i don't want to change this coming 2011!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyone seems to be talking about things they would like to change about themselves this new year. So i decided to go the other way around. By listing things i don't want to change this coming 2011. 

I don't think a New Year should always equate to changing a lot of things in your life.^_^
Giving quality time for my studies.

Yes, I have realize that i have been studying harder than before and i think it has payed off. So there's no need to change that. I would rather not intensify it because i still want to have a life besides my studies.

Blogging anything i want.

Some say to successfully earn online you should stick to a theme for your blog. But i would rather not i've learn some SEO tricks because of my online job. I've also thought of using it for this blog but i realize it's not where i want this blog to go. This blog has become sort of a diary to me and i don't want to ruin it by going to a different path.


Read:  facebook, twitter and tumblr. Though sometimes it becomes a distraction. I would never try to lessen the amount of time i spend on it. It has been my escape in busy days, communicating with friends is so easy. My cellphone use has greatly decrease and i got to save more.

My interest in football.

I can surely say that my interest for football will not waned easily. It may even increase in the future. So i would continuously learn about it. I will also try to watch more games on tv.

My friends

This is the most important thing that will never change in many years. I really choose my friends and i don't see anything wrong about it. I like my friends to like things i like and be naughty as i am. I'm a picky person i don't like friends that don't last long or forever. So i choose them wisely but once you become my friend and you gain my trust and respect. I'm pretty much loyal and i will never ever say bad things about you. I have found this kind of friends and it will take a million new year for me to consider them as a stranger. They know who they are!!

As for my family i know that a human's life has a limit but as long as i live my love for them will never change.^_^


Time, New Year's Resolution and A Happy New Year

Another year has past and another one will come. Time really flies by so fast. Time for me will remain the most valuable thing. I remember wanting to have a time machine that can stop, fast forward and rewind the days in my life. I guess that would never happen, "even the richest man can't buy time" as they say.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I never had one of those just because i know will not be able do it. I now realize that i made the right choice not to make one because it takes more than a "new year" to be committed to change something about yourself and your life. Resolution shouldn't even be the term. It should be called "A promise to myself" you don't change for anyone except yourself. Keeping a promise to yourself is harder than keeping a promise to someone else. Only you will know about it and only you yourself would be blamed if it fails. I should know i have made a lot of them and it worked. The pimple prone girl from way back in high school can now show her face proudly to everyone and the fat girl who feels insecure about herself for being fat is now slowly loosing pound per pound of her fats.

Happy New Year Everyone
Eat Less and Party Harder


Online work, Football and A Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The title basically describe what i have been doing for this week. Since it's Christmas Break i decided to follow the footsteps of my sister who have been earning quit a lot writing articles online. I have earned some now and im going to continue this and earn a lot too. I'm really motivated right now and i don't know until when it will last but i wish it will last long enough for me to save some.

Football,  I have this growing love for football. Ever since the FIFA world cup started and me seeing how cool the game was and how exciting it is to cheer for your own country. I have started liking it and even wish for the Philippines to be a football nation. I thought it was impossible because Philippines is a Basketball nation and football is just put aside here. That change when suddenly the Philippine football team surprisingly beat Vietnam in the Aff Suzuki making it to the semi-finals and that made headlines here in my country. Well they didn't make it to the finals but i can definitely see a brighter future for football in my country. Thanks to the Whole Azkal Philippine Football team for representing the Philippines well. This is a step closer to one of my greatest my dreams: See the Filipinos united, cheering for the team just like other countries do.

Lastly, I have not been updating my blog well, but surely i will never miss greeting my fellow bloggers in this very special occasion: 

Merry Christmas Everyone.
Christmas is more than giving gifts and partying. It is the time when our savior Jesus Christ was born in a simple stable. Let's keep our Christmas simple and meaningful just like the way it was before.


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