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A Crazy Little Thing called Love aka First love Review

Monday, February 7, 2011

First of all i would like to tell everyone this was the first Thai movie i have ever watched so i never really knew what to expect. Well except for The Shutter that i have never watched without covering my eyes when the scary parts come.

It was a typical highschool love story told at it's best. The girl falls in love with the school heartthrob and does crazy things so that the guy will notice her. Even to the extent of changing her school image from uncool to a desirable young lady. The story revolves on the typical highschool life which i think most if not all could relate to. I have to admit that this movie brought me back to the memory lane. Remembering highschool days, the little crazy thing i did for my crush, the teasing and of course the realization that he might not like you back. We will never know what they really felt because we never asked or told them about it. That's the magic of it all and that is how highschool is.

The movie is really touching who would have thought that a movie with a super simple plot can make me cry. Highly recommended. Another good thing about the movie is the lead characters are equally handsome and beautiful and have really good chemistry. In addition to that their teacher is really funny she made me the movie a lot better and happier.

EDIT: Interested to watch another thai movie? Then i can highly recommend Hello Stranger as a good follow up. I wrote a review about it too so please check it out.

Here's the trailer


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