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almost over......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my High School days are over in just a few days...

we have been practicing for our graduation for the
past few days...

and as the days move on feelings overflow me...
may it be happiness,excitement,sadness,nervousness
all mixed up in my mind's system.

just a few days ago we had a forum so everyone was given
the chance to speak up..and all of us were ask to stand in front
and answer the question that kinda go this way

"if you were given the chance to speak in behalf of your
batch mates what would you tell everyone?"

and the teacher randomly calls out students to speak in front
so i was unlucky enough to be called..

and i wasn't really prepared so i just spoke up anything that
came in mind and i ended it shortly......but the truth is that
i have really wanted to say a lot more things and the next
post will be my message for my batch mates.


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