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what is your greatest dream?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

this was the question ask by our facilitator.
all in our group answered but i won't elaborate
theirs just mine i said CONTENTMENT and the reason
i gave was "that i don't really want to be the richest
person in the world what i want is when i grow old i
could reminisce my life w/o regrets and live my last
years on earth feeling fulfilled." Thinking practically
my answer was a good one but i came to realize that
it's not even close to the best answer.

Our facilitator told a story that goes like "This same question
was ask to a set of kinder Garden students and a boy answered
"When I Grow Up i Want To Be Happy" this was one of the deepest answers i ever heard and this came from a boy.

I didn't know how to react and was also shocked by that answer
maybe even the greatest or smartest person will not think answering
the question that way.

How do we become happy? Does it come from contentment,wealth, power
or anything else. What really makes us happy and why hasn't any people
have this kind of dream except for a simple minded boy. Is happiness
that impossible to achieve? are people in our generation not happy? or
we just don't know what true happiness means?

i bet the most simple things in life are the hardest to explain


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