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been away from blogging for a while..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

haven't really blog anything for the last month
because really i can't think of anything sensible
right now my mind has been recently preoccupied with
a lot of things..mostly bad things but i won't
elaborate..but it's starting to get better although
these thoughts will surely keep coming back for
as long as i havent found any solution or be able
to accept it..

this past month ive! the word is not busy
but pretending to be busy because of so many reasons..

i just feel something i don't know bad..sad..not good..
wrong..about the way things are going in my life and the
funny part is i can't really pinpoint the main reason from
all the bad thoughts im having..

this feeling will get better since ive let it out
and wrote this in my blog..

sometimes im really like this weird and all but at least i had
it all out.


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