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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion has been evolving from day to day. Suddenly you can now use any kind of material for your desired fashion piece. An obvious example would be the ever fashionista Lady Gaga. Since I'm into arts and fashion my view of what she wore last VMA 2010 would be somehow different from others some may think I'm crazy but i don't care.

So she wore three stunning pieces. The Black one was not really a shocker since i can actually picture her in that dress while performing but it's still not short from expectation for me not to mention.

  The Alexander Mcqueen Gown

A really stunning piece I love everything about it the color, the art and drama of this fashion piece. I have always known Alexander Mcqueen (RIP) but i never really dug dip in his collections. So after some research and googling I can safely say that lady gaga was right for picking him as her favorite designer. He is a fashion genius! His works are like paintings that came to life.

As for the shoes/stilettos or whatever you call it the design is really good but seeing this made me realize the biggest difference between a Male and Female fashion designer. A  female fashion designer would never ever design a shoes like that.Why you ask? Because being a part of the female population she knows how hard it already is to wear 3-4 inch high heels and creating such shoes would be unbearable for any girl/woman see how Lady Gaga needed the men in black just to walk the red carpet. While for the Male designers boundaries are limitless, they can just let their imagination wonder and create things that you have never thought of. This is also the reason why Lady Gaga got my respect in terms of fashion because her boldness makes this "not even supermodel would wear stuffs" reach the public eye opening their mind to out of this world fashion trends

                                                                    The Meat Dress

I can actually see the art in it. Who could have ever imagine that meat could look as glamorous as this dress. The dress was definitely not made by just placing each meat in the top of each other.You could see that the design was well thought of and the execution was top notch but again it is made from raw meat that's weird and crazy.

I was actually thinking what it will look like if it was made using synthetic materials but admit it or not the dress would loose it's spark and be just like any other dress. Lastly, I wonder how lady gaga smelled that night? She should wear raw vegetables next time that might ease the anger of PETA after all she is the one and only Lady Gaga.


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