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End of the Semester Learnings.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So as for what's happening to me this days..Another semester has ended. It was overall a good one. A few glitches and many bonding moments with my friends..

So much for that.  I think it would really be nice if i can share what i have learn not academically but what I learn as a person who's growing and meeting a lot of new people.

Don't ask for anything in return..I don't know i just woke up one morning realizing that doing good things to other people doesn't always have to come with rewards. Giving is something not new to me, but wishing for something back is something new that I am proud I learned.  I've realize that hoping and wishing for something in return leaves you frustrated especially when it is not given to you.

So instead i look up the sky and tell God my wishes and entrust him the power to give what i need and what i want in the right time, moment and situation.

Speak Up when you think you're right and has enough reason and evidence about some issue. Speak Up.
When you feel something is not right then Speak Up. You might think that nobody will listen but someone out there may feel that what you say is important and some might even realize your worth by just speaking up. If they don't listen it would be their loss and not yours.

Love yourself as classic as it sounds. I know that still, a lot don't do it very well. Just like me before but I've realize that loving yourself is the first thing you must learn as a person. Loving yourself would mean doing the right things for your own good. Knowing when to stop being foolish and knowing when to say sorry to make things better. Loving yourself is gonna be a stepping stone for a lot of good things in your life.

and most of all be positive and smile..

Start your day with a beautiful smile and everything else will follow.


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