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What's Up September!?!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Well first of all i want to greet everyone an early Merry Christmas since it's customary in the Philippines to start preparing for Christmas as soon as BER months come. Yup it's quite early and my family doesn't follow it but some does and a while ago i was watching some news and boom they featured prices of different Christmas decorations like Christmas trees,Christmas lights etc.. So pretty much that Filipino tradition is still alive.

So what am i up to right now? Well as i'm typing here i can bravely admit that i'm procrastinating again because i still have to study for an exam and endlessly study for my Psychology subject since my Professor is demanding to make us all discuss something in's not the reporting type it's more like an interactive one where you have to know something about every topic..This makes me really nervous..

Another thing is my class is currently preparing a play for Humanities. I was suppose to be an extra since i'm not really good in acting but somehow i found my way as a supporting character(with more than one line) which is already a big thing for me because if you know me personally i'm not the type who go up on stage and do my thing shamelessly. The presentation will be on the last week of September and our class is practicing a lot this play keeps me occupied including my weekends.

Another has something to with the Psychology department of our School but i'm still not sure of the details. It requires us to be in school even though we don't have classes as sort of some preparation and i think that means my free weekday Wednesday.

So as you see i'm pretty much busy this coming September and I still don't feel any Christmas spirit anywhere just stress. Despite that I'm still not taking my self for granted as soon as busy days are over i promise to share you the girly side of me which includes: makeup, skincare and my main struggle back at the height of my puberty and what i did to overcome it. 

And after my busy days i promise to finish this korean drama i'm watching and post my review about it

So I guess the blogger me will only wake up when September Ends!!


Eric September 8, 2011 at 12:26 AM  

God bless on your studies! :)

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