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Queen Inhyun's Man Korean Drama Review

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It has been a hobby of mine to watch korean dramas but as i grow up i also become busier and watching korean dramas was put on the sideline and eventually got out of my system but once in a while i still go on recap sites to look for dramas that might be worthy of my little spare time. And i found Queen Inhyun's Man after watching this drama it quickly claimed a spot on my top 5 all time favorite korean drama. All I can say for those who haven't watch this drama is, it has action,romance,drama,comedy and fantasy all weaved well in one amazing drama. This is Queen Inhyun's Man Official Facebook page!

I've heard people trying to compare this drama to Roof Top Prince i haven't really watch it but I have read recaps of each episode on Dramabeans and you know what the only thing the two dramas have in common is time travel and even that was used differently in the two shows and i know you know which one i think is better.

this is a picture collage i made because there were to many beautiful scenes to be shown i figured it would be more convenient for the readers, I also tried to incorporate the story through the collage! I'm really sorry for my poor editing skills =) Feel free to enlarge the picture for better view.


Kim Boong Do a top scholar back in the Joseon era whose goal in life was to reinstate the deposed Queen Inhyun back to her rightful position acquired in a magical twist of fate a talisman that enables him to travel to the future. Three hundred years ahead a no namer actress named Choi Hee Jin have finally gotten the best break in her career playing the role of Queen Inhyun in a historical drama series. As fate may have it their paths cross and undeniably attraction brought them closer but will their love transcend time or will the rules of the universe keep them apart.

The best thing about this drama is the seamless portrayal of time shifting that is made possible by top notch cinematography and editing that transports the audience from the past to the future. Note worthy characters are not only found in the future or the past but on both period of time.

The Present

Choi Hee Jin
Choi Hee jin is a struggling actress who was once dating a famous actor only to be dumped after a while. Often told by her friend to stop being stupid in love only reverting back to her old self after meeting a man from the past named Kim Boong Do. 

I really enjoyed Yoo Inna portrayal of this character. She was bubbly but not annoying and when she wants something or someone she goes for it how many korean female character this days act like? She's too cute for words I never really payed attention to her back in her Secret Garden days but now i look forward to her next drama project.

Han Dong Min
Han Dong Min is Hee jin's top star ex-boyfriend who stars in the drama she was cast on. Being the who dumped Hee jin for another girl he seems to be taking interest in her again. With his good looks and persistence will he be able to win back Hee jin or will he loose to Kim Boong Do. 

His character is closely tailored to leading mans in other drama worlds. Persistent,handsome,childish,famous actor and etc. He probably would have won the girl if this was a normal drama without the time travelling and all. but na ah not in this one! At last an other man who deserves to be the other man (did you get what i'm saying??) He gave enough comic relief in this show for me not to hate him for being a jerk sometimes. 

                                         Jo Soo Kyung
She is Hee jin's friend/manager who always look out for her professionally and personally. Her character is probably the most normal and consistent in this drama im not saying it as good thing but it's also not bad. Her character kicks back Hee jin to reality at times when she needs too. And you should watch out for her ever consistent talk over coffee with Kim Boong Do it's really funny. 

The Past

Kim Boong Do
What can i say with Ji Hyun Woo's character you can't really find a perfect man this days might as well jump back to the past to meet a perfect man like Boong Do. As the drama writer said “So the real fantasy in this drama is not the talisman or the time-slip but the absolutely perfect man named Kim Boong-Do” and i do agree this character is perfect and would never exist in real life. So let's keep this memory of meeting/seeing a perfect man. 
Yoon Wol
She is Yoon Wol a girl who is in love with Kim Boong Do. Even though she is entangled in a one sided love and a caste system that forbids her love to a noble man  with all that said she still poured all her love for him thus paving way to the creation of the magical talisman. Her character is very vital in this story and i have to say that if not for her love and care for Kim Boong Do he would have never met Choi Hee Jin. I salute her character more than anyone else.

A lot of other note worthy characters are not included in this drama review so please click the link Soompi- QIM to know everyone in drama this story is driven by every individual's action and to say that the characters i talked about above are the only important ones is definitely an understatement.

I highly recommend this drama to everyone! it was painful waiting for it every week since the story was really good that you just want to know what's next and i really want to thank Joonni for the very fast recaps of each episode i read her recaps while waiting for episodes with subtitles since i don't like watching things without subs and others don't recap it as fast because I heard that it's not aired on a major tv network. and i also heard that the lead characters Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo are dating in real life I've already half guess that since their chemistry was oozing and the way they look at each other lovingly was surreal and I'm really happy for this couple i hope they last long! 

I leave you with this Fanvid made by Joonni even the soundtrack 
suites well with the drama! Same Sky, Different Time


Breakingdawn November 12, 2012 at 10:11 PM  

Such a great drama indeed. I was hooked by it since the first episode up to the last part.

riza December 2, 2012 at 7:08 AM  

@Breakingdawn yup it was really good but seems like it's not really as popular as other dramas which makes me really sad =(

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