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the day before yesterday

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the day before yesterday was 888 its considered
as a lucky number for chinese well im not chinese
and i don't live in china but a lot of people here
think that it's a lucky number as well.....

so i want to enumerate the things that happened that day
so i could make a realization if im one of those lucky
people that day.

-last day of our exams
-i manage to take the exam ive missed
-start of Beijing Olympics
-had time to rest after a stressful week
-a lot of people married
-a lot of babies were born

well that's all i could rememeber
over all that day was fine not ecstaticly
good but fine..

but we could always be lucky if we think
were lucky cause being lucky is more of
having a good aura and output in life.

well while writing this reminded me of the
movie just my luck starring Lindsay Lohan
nothing just came across my mind don't know
if it has relevance.

Well as i promise I will post more regularly
im just gonna figure out what sched i will
follow since right know i post weekly^^


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