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My Lola,,get well soon

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As ive said in my other post my lola
is in the hospital right now..and she's
suffering a lot of diseases. and i want to
dedicate this post for her....

i grew up with my lola never been away from
her since our house is just a few step
away from hers so im so used of her being
around all the time

...I still vividly remember that as a child
i use to get scolded by my parents because i was
scared of my parents what i would do is go to my
lola's place and she will comfort me and let me eat...
never really thought that this day will come..
when i would see her lying in the bed helpless...
she is one of the most industrious people i know..
how could i forget everything she has done for me...
her cooking is the best!! how i wish she would be
strong again how i wish i could see her back to how
healthy she was i wish i could comfort
her and ease the pain she feels just like what she does
to me..

but i will not lose hope!! i will continue praying for her
because i want her to see us her grandchildrens successful
in life...

so lola hold on!!! you will get better before Christmas!!

lola means grandmother


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