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encounter with the inmates..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this fourth year we have a lot of extra
curricular activities that's really good
and enlightening.....

just last last week we had our L.S.S then
this week we had our graduation picture taking
and today we had our Jail Apostolate we went
to the correctional in mandaluyong were all
female prisoners live... and each of us have
our own inmate to interact with..

mine was really kind and i think she's rich but
as i said a while a go life is like a tire some
times your in the top and sometimes your down....

she's 52 years old has 3 children all boys and
when she was jailed her youngest was just a baby
she's been in jail for 14 years and all don't
wanna elaborate.... but i think she's luckier than
most inmates cause her family is very supportive
they never forgot her, they sustain her with everything
she needs and never lost communication...and I'm happy for her

her case was illegal recruitment she was not really
an expert in that field but someone pushed her too
and she didn't have any license and she got caught
she tried to fight back but they were more powerful..obviously
but I'm happy for her cause she got a pardon for having
a good character she might be released early next year..

and they also told us that life in jail is not easy we might think
that they are provided with everything they need but that's not
really true they have to buy everything from clothes up their
own shampoo toothbrush and what's worse is that they don't have
any stable income just what they get from making souvenirs
so inmates who are not visited by they're relatives don't have any
money to buy their basic commodities...

Ive realize that not all prisoners are bad or should i say
they are all not bad it's just that in our life there are certain
circumstances we cannot avoid...

so i learned to be careful with my actions..


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