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Christmas is over....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over...!!

in just a blink of an eye and it's over...just that..

i can still vividly remember my Christmas last year and
now this year's over..

that how fast time flies...

especially for me cause in 3 months time i will graduate
the so called happiest part of schooling which is "highschool"

and I'm thinking of a lot of

1. what college to go to..

2. Did i choose the right course (psychology)..there's still some part
of my mind that's battling whether to take this course or not..
in short I'm taking it..

3. the friends i have made that soon enough I'll have to leave..

4. will i succeed in my chosen field..

this are just some of the questions i have in mind!!!
i could just hope that in this 3 months time I'll get the answers i need..


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