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Saturday, December 6, 2008

At first i was hesitant to read the books because
of all the hype it gets...

i mean a lot of my schoolmates are carrying the book(twilight books)
while walking around the campus like they were book freaks but
they're not.....i don't really like that idea.

So i really felt that it was so overrated...

but when i watch the movie i was kinda not satisfied even though
i haven't really read the book i felt a lot of part was missing
i don't know why maybe because i often read books that I'm use to
hearing the story in full detail..

and the friend of my sister send the PDF file of the 4 four books
so i decided to give it a try...

i can't really be in my addict mode in reading books because exams
are past approaching...

i started reading last tuesday or wednesday and im still in the book
2 new i have a long way to go..

for those who are interested in the PDF FILE of The Four Twilight Books
just leave a comment with your email add ill be glad to send you the copy..

ill just give my review after i finish the 4 books...


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