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Miracles Anyone!?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this week is special..especially for Catholics..

it is the time when we commemorate the passion,
death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ..

so mostly topics are about miracles..

some say miracles this days are really rare but i
don't believe that, every little good thing that
happens to us can be called as a miracle..

some might refer to it us luck...but it really is miracles

finding the thing you lost
finding someone to share your life with
getting a coin while crossing the street
being happy
your family having good health
finishing your study
getting what you need
being contented with your life..
having friends
winning a lottery
seeing your favorite star in person..
creating good music
having artistic talent
being cured from a disease

miracles can be expressed in different faces from the simplest
to the most complicated situations but does it really matter
if were given the smallest miracle ever, what's important is that
it made you happy

miracles are just around... the problem is we don't open our hearts
and mind to appreciate it..

so live your life hoping every single day you receive at least
one miracle and learn how to appreciate it..


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