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Beware of Blogs!?!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

read this Pinoy Blogero

well at first i thought the same thing about blogging
but when i started it.. It was different! actually blogging
is simply expressing yourself and being involved in today's
society. I think it's people's way to say i care, i know what
is happening and i have my own stand. Some might get offended
about what you wrote but it is perfectly normal as they say
"we can't please everybody" because every people have their
own view.

but blogging can also be bad when you use it as a tool to
degrade someone without their knowledge and spreading false
rumor. You can actually destroy a person's dignity and life
with just a few click on your keyboard.

In the end it's still all up to the person to decide what path
his/her blog would take just remember that there is a big difference
between fact and opinion,truth and lie,offending and not offending.


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