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Avocado Recipe

Monday, April 26, 2010

Unexpectedly i got some avocados today..courtesy of
   my kind classmate who got it from their backyard tree..

So how do you eat your avocado? In the Philippines we do 
it this way!

Caution: I'm not a kitchen expert!

       (use riped avocados) 

1. Cut the avocado into half. 

2. Put all the fruit except the seed and the skin in a medium size bowl.

3. With a spoon smash the fruit in the bowl.

4. When totally smashed add in some sugar and mix thoroughly.
     (adjust the sweetness according to your preference)

5. After mixing add in some milk(the more milk the better it will taste) then mix it again.

6. You can also make a  Avocado Smoothie <---recipe there

Done..easy right

You can now eat it like that OR
You can put it in your ref and come back for it after few hours
it will taste good both ways..but i prefer the cool one..

TRY taste really good! promise!


MaggieK April 26, 2010 at 4:52 AM  

Very intetresting...I have never heard of using avocados like that. Next time we get avocado I am trying it.

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