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The most important things i learned...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hmm..all exams are right now im going back to my laid back mode...

a lot of things happened to me this past few weeks..i was somehow enlightened and saddened by these events..but most of all i learned..i learned a lot. I've realize good things that i should have known way back then...

Lesson no.1

Don't judge a situation if you don't here both sides of the story..because it's people nature to tell the story in their perspective thus making the story a little bias because each would want to get your sympathy. This is something really common and it is not as bad as it's simply defending yourself and everyone does it even me.

Lesson no. 2

Stop looking/finding other people's faults and mistakes. Cause no one is perfect. Everyone will find something bad about someone. Yes we have to deal with imperfect people all our lives including ourselves. So deal and live with it.

Lesson no 3

Focus on the good points and not the bad points. This is both applicable to people and career. To people why focus on the bad things about them when there are bunch of good things you can say about others. In our career why choose a career when your not good at it at all. Choose a career you like and you are good at don't mind other people cause after all you won't succeed in that field if your not good at it.


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