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I have and always will support OPM

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love foreign music but it has never ceased my love for OPM(Original Pinoy Music). That's why i saddens me to hear a lot of local band getting disbanded. For an instance Bamboo just yesterday i heard the news they were breaking up. Last week i heard Ebe Dancel's decision to leave Sugarfree. Hale also disbanded last year. It's sad hearing them disband because aside from belting divas, bands are what keeps Philippines music industry alive and i like them better than solo artist because Read: They make original music and not revive other people's songs.

Well that's life we cannot really force other people to do what they don't like. But the Music they make is something i'm really gonna miss. I hope no more bands plan on breaking up because no matter how famous foreign acts are. I will always be proud of Filipino music. I have and always will support OPM!

One of Bamboo's famous hits


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