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Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why Review

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The story is about a girl who commits suicide who left 13 tapes that tells the 13 reasons why she decided to end her life.

The story started out pretty interesting. Clay an ordinary boy was surprised when a bunch of tapes arrived in his home. As the story progresses i felt a lot of emotions and confusion. The emotions i felt for Hannah(the girl who committed suicide) was not purely sympathy at certain parts of the story i felt anger and at a point i felt she needed a slap. Well there's this thing about her that's  not too likable. 

I agree that a series of misfortunes can cause depression and in the end suicide. But again if you pull yourself together you can surpass depression and continue living a normal life. The bad thing is when you let this depression take over your life. Hannah might have a bad reputation in her new school but that doesn't mean no one will accept her as a friend. She just didn't try to hard enough. When Clay was trying to look after her she pushed him away.

When she finally got the nerve to go to their guidance counselor she was asked what the problem was that she thinks of suicide she did not say any clear reason...what do you think of Guidance counselors and Psychologists mind readers? It would not be possible to help someone who clearly is not willing to be help. The only thing not right about the guidance counselors' approach would be him saying if you don't want to sue the person then just forget about it.

In the end it all goes down to the saying "no man is an island" we need people or at least someone to help us through our hardships. That's when Clay came over to another girl who have a similar condition to Hannah. Thinking maybe this time it would come out different and better.

I rate the book a 4/5. It was not the best story but i like the idea of the tapes being passed to people and all. The book was full of twist and the book was surprisingly engaging that i read it until it was done. Would i recommend it to other people? Yes is the answer.


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