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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some of you may not know but right now Kpop is starting to get really famous in the Philippines especially 2ne1 since one of their members Sandara Park was a former artist in the Philippines other members of the group includes CL, Park Bom and Minzy. Though i admit i enjoy watching korean dramas I only know some korean singers. I found 2ne1 okay and was not irritated by them because they were not acting all cutesy and they have some songs with very nice beat(cannot comment on the lyrics cause i can't understand it!) but recently they have been winning me over by their very cool, artistic and fresh music videos!

Here are my favorites:

Hate You 
( i really love animated stuffs so this was an automatic win for me plus the song is so catchy and light groovy)

(eccentric music video and somehow weird but a very nice song no doubt and has a rock feel to it and most of all i can understand something!! LOL!)

It Hurts 
( I love their clothes! alice in wonderland esque!)

(Again I love their fashion!)

I've read somewhere that they are planning to debut in America. Well anything is possible they might become successful and if they can take an advice from an ordinary music listener and frustrated singer(ME) then all I can tell them is continue being different just like how they are now! Different stands out, Different turn heads and most of all Different is unforgettable. 

and I give them back the message I understood from their song Ugly
Don't let the standards change you, instead change the standards to fit you!



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