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The Greatest Love Korean Drama Review

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finishing this review have taken so long because of school works but i can make sure that it's worth the wait! :)

Knowing the one who wrote the drama was the same writer who wrote My Girlfriend is a Gumiho the Hong Sisters. I was expecting a light hearted drama that would make me laugh and forget about my school worries and guess what? it exceeded my expectations!

Let's start off with the Summary:

Gu Aejung was a member of a popular girl group The National Treasure Girls(sound's weird in English!) back in the nineties. Fast forward to today she has become a struggling artist with a negative/unlikable image. Meanwhile Dokko Jin is as they say in the drama a "top star" whom people love and adore because of his cool and likable image. As their worlds clash, love bloom thus becoming the start of proving the world that their love is indeed The Greatest Love of all.


Gu Aejung was left to suffer scrutiny from the public because of the break up of their girl group many bad rumors were spread leaving people with bad impression about her. Despite being unlikable in the eyes of the public she continued her career in the entertainment world because she has to earn a living for her family. After meeting Dokko Jin by accident her world started to change.

This was the first drama of Gong Hyo-jin i watched she was okay in terms of acting and with extremely funny scenarios it made me like her character but she was not my favorite though.

Dokko Jin is an eccentric top star who thinks his the best of them all. He also maintains his cool and likable image by being nice to people especially when the camera is around but behind this camera the person who suffers most of his true bad personality is his manager. Being concerned of his image he only associate himself with other famous stars. This change when he get entangled with a lowly star Gu Aejung.

This was also the first drama of Cha Seung Won I've watched and he totally won me over. I never would have thought that this serious rugged looking man can pull off some comedy. One more thing that amazes me is how deep his voice was yet he effectively delivered his funny lines well. I so love his character in The Greatest Love that I found time to google him and discovered he has been married for a long time and has a child who's older than me. I was dumbstruck and to think i found him cute! some people are just so lucky to look younger than their age.

Yoon Pil Joo is the the perfect bachelor who stars the show "couple making" were Gu Aejung is a participant as one of the girls the bachelor would choose from. Unlike other people he doesn't know much of the entertainment industry and saw Gu Aejung in a different light, far from how other people saw her. Perfect in every way would Gu Aejung eventually fall for him?

Yoon Kye Sang was perfect for the role perfect man in the drama. His character was not annoying in anyway he was so cute that i thought it was such a waste if he will not get Gu Aejung. His character was so loyal and enduring without hurting anybody which made me love his character more.

Kang Seri  was once member of Gu Aejung's girl group after the they disbanded she slowly climbed into the top star status. She once had a relationship with Dokko Jin but even though they already broke up they still pose as a couple to protect their image. Being the least popular back in the days she holds a grudge against Aejung for being the center of attention in  their group. Now that the tables have turned how far will she go to make Aejung suffer?

I loved Yoo Inna's quirky character in Secret Garden and now she's back as a second lead. Her character was not really the evilest of them all. She was just childish that she wants to have everything and with a little misunderstanding on the side it  made her the villain in this drama. Though i felt good that at last for once she have to try hard to win someone's affection in the end.

Overall comment about the drama:

The drama was funny and addicting just like the other dramas of the Hong sisters. What sets apart this drama was the metaphors used to substitute potential overly cheesy lines which we see in other Korean dramas. The script was written so well that even though they were using a lot of metaphors you can still catch up to what they were implying or trying to say.  The story was near typical but they gave it a really good twist by making the love interest of a top star a star too which somehow added more conflict to the story. This drama is a feel good drama that would make you laugh at the most unexpected time trust me when i say unexpected. :)


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