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Sophie Martin Lipstick Review

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hi, before saying bye to beauty blogging i would like to leave you with a review of Sophie Martin Lipsticks. This will also serve as a teaser for the next kind of beauty reviews i'm gonna do.

As of now i own three shades of their affordable lipstick line that only cost P79.00 and i'm planning on purchasing more shades in the future.

The three shades i have are Red Wine, Mango Peach and Summer Pink.

Here are the swatches:

      (From L-R) Red Wine,Mango Peach,Summer Pink        
  Close Up

On my Lips

Summer Pink

 Red Wine

Mango Peach

My thoughts about the Lipsticks
  • First of all it's very affordable
  • This Lipstick line contains many different wearable shades.
  • Hard to take off and leaves stains.
  • Since it's a matte lipstick it's dries my lips easily so before putting this on make sure you put some lip balm first.
  • some say this product contains lead(Pb) which i'm not sure is true. But just to make sure put a barrier between your lips and the lipstick. Like lip balm, lip gloss or lip primer. etc.
So that's about it till next time =)


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