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Human Heart Nature Hydrating Toner Review

Monday, October 31, 2011

So last for this series of review is the Human Heart Nature Hydrating Toner Review.

So with no further ado here it is.

 Here are the all Organic Ingredients

My thoughts about this product:
  • The smell again same as the facial wash citrusy but not quit. =)
  • It does it's job well in cleansing dirt not taken away by the facial wash.
  • Did not sting even on parts of my face that has pimples.
  • I can actually feel this toner's tightening effect.
  • Texture-wise nothing different from other toners available in the market.
I'm really contented with this toner and after I'm done with this bottle i'm surely repurchasing. Need i say more =)

So that's it for my Human Heart Nature Review Series. I hope this reviews will help you make wise choices in choosing the beauty products you use.

I'm not sure when my next beauty reviews are coming up but this will definitely not be the last one. Next time  
 i'll focus more on make up =)


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