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Ang Huling Kalbaryo..Mt.Banahaw

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last monday was our outbound then tuesday
we didn't have any classes well that's
reasonable cause if your not into hiking
and trekking like me your body will ache
and that's what happened to me, my body was
aching for 2 days it's so hard to go up and
down stairs and even though we had one day rest
still my classmates and i are complaining about
different parts of our body aching....

As they say Mount Banahaw is a big church many
people go their and pay pilgrimage to the place
it's a holy mountain!!

here are some pictures

we went to Sta Lucia falls before we got there we took about
250-300 steps that's kinda tiring....but worth it!!!

the whole class saying prayers

we thought that 250-300 steps were kinda hard but it's nothing
compared to climbing/walking the "kalbaryo" from the word itself it's
a real Calvary!!!

here's some pictures..

going up was super tiring i got really tired not only that
we still have to go down after few minutes of rest this i can
say is the most tiring part of the trip!!!

at the peak..

the VIEW..

having this very beautiful view just imagine how high
the mountain was just imagine us walking,trekking,climbing for
about 2-3 hours.....that's high...

The cross..

other pictures have not been uploaded so I'll just update!!

I'm not gonna forget the Husgado Cave it' a small cave
that only one person at a time can enter... it is said that
when you enter the cave and went out w/out any scar your
7 year of sins are forgiven

fortunately i got out just fine!!

sadly i don't have any pictures cause you
seriously cannot take any pictures inside..

overall my last outbound was really the hardest and the most
adventurous it's fun, tiring, educational and spiritual a
good way to learn new things...


Mavs Flavier March 12, 2013 at 10:03 PM  

wow.. punta kami kami jan this holyweek and I just so excited..

Pao Kun April 23, 2013 at 7:36 PM  

We're planning to go there too. :)) yun nga lang, planning palang. Right now, as in right now!

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