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Angels and Demons

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dan Brown's work..

Never really read the "The Vinci Code"
since i don't want to have any doubts
about my faith upon reading it... but
ive watched the movie though not the
whole movie i just watch the latter part
of it,so i can't really make a comment
about that book/movie.

But Ive read Angels and Demons and i have
to admit Dan Brown is a genius!

He so good that thou it's a fiction book you
will think it might have happened in real

I really liked the solid fussion of FICTION and

i also like other informations i got about the
art history, science and the church

it took me to a lot of places in ROME

The informations were so precise and detailed
that you will believe it.

another thing about the book i like is thorough
discussion of the centuries fight over who's
right the CHURCH or SCIENCE?

it gave both sides view...

i wanted to put up some excerpts
of the part were the chamberlain/
Camerlengo set a press conference to admit that
in deed theres a threat against the Church
which is a science society called Illuminati but it's
to long.

It's really good overall this book does not condemn
the church nor science instead makes us aware that
still the fight continues over who's right?!?

The symbols used in the book were so good it's seems
really true..

and take note for a person to write this kind of
book and to now all those things about Rome it must've
been a hell research..


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