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The Crane Game

Monday, October 27, 2008

excerpts from honey and clover

a long time ago my sister recommended me
the jdrama called Honey and Clover she told me to
watch it did but i only watch the first and second
episode.....i think!?! but there's this line and
scene that really struck me
this is how it goes...

they were buying some stuffs then they bump into
a crane game...

this is how a crane game looks like

then the girl liked something inside it, the guy
insisted and tried to get it, eventually he got
one but it's not what the girl was eyeing for so she
said this line

" that game was really tormenting....
Because what you want is right in front
of you but you still can't get it..."

the guy answered

" yeah cause in this world not everyone can get
what they want."

the girl said:

"cause quantity is limited"

i don't know why but this lines struck me so much
that it still remains in my mind until now....

it hurts to think that something you badly want is just an
inch away from you but you still can't grab it cause
it's not for you, no matter how you try you can't
have it cause cause quantity is limited, maybe someone
came first with a strong will and when it was
your turn it was gone...


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