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Saturday, May 2, 2009

watch this: AKOMISMO

here is a video of Filipinos who promote and support change..
i decided not to embed it because it includes the explanation of the
said movement.

You will watch it if you care for our country!Philippines

Everyone is complaining about what our country has become..

but first let me tell you a story..

In a town, a festival is held every year. Each of the town
members are expected to contribute a jar of wine. This jar
of wine will then be put in a very big jar for everyone to
share in the coming festival night. A certain man decided
to cheat and instead of putting wine he put in a jar of water
thinking that it wouldn't affect the taste since he would only
be the one doing that. Then the festival night their
dismay when they tasted the wine they found out that it wasn't
wine at all it tasted purely water. Everyone was ashamed!

i forgot where and to whom..i have heard it..but i never forgot the story

this is a mirror of what is happening in our country right now..
we keep complaining not knowing that we ourselves are the main
problem! we act as if we aren't part of the downfall our country
is experiencing.

Our school president always stress this phrase in his every speech

"change should start from ourselves not from anyone else"

if we want change act ourselves.

ikaw at ako mismo ang dapat kumilos para sa pagbabago


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