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Time, New Year's Resolution and A Happy New Year

Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year has past and another one will come. Time really flies by so fast. Time for me will remain the most valuable thing. I remember wanting to have a time machine that can stop, fast forward and rewind the days in my life. I guess that would never happen, "even the richest man can't buy time" as they say.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I never had one of those just because i know will not be able do it. I now realize that i made the right choice not to make one because it takes more than a "new year" to be committed to change something about yourself and your life. Resolution shouldn't even be the term. It should be called "A promise to myself" you don't change for anyone except yourself. Keeping a promise to yourself is harder than keeping a promise to someone else. Only you will know about it and only you yourself would be blamed if it fails. I should know i have made a lot of them and it worked. The pimple prone girl from way back in high school can now show her face proudly to everyone and the fat girl who feels insecure about herself for being fat is now slowly loosing pound per pound of her fats.

Happy New Year Everyone
Eat Less and Party Harder


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