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Online work, Football and A Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The title basically describe what i have been doing for this week. Since it's Christmas Break i decided to follow the footsteps of my sister who have been earning quit a lot writing articles online. I have earned some now and im going to continue this and earn a lot too. I'm really motivated right now and i don't know until when it will last but i wish it will last long enough for me to save some.

Football,  I have this growing love for football. Ever since the FIFA world cup started and me seeing how cool the game was and how exciting it is to cheer for your own country. I have started liking it and even wish for the Philippines to be a football nation. I thought it was impossible because Philippines is a Basketball nation and football is just put aside here. That change when suddenly the Philippine football team surprisingly beat Vietnam in the Aff Suzuki making it to the semi-finals and that made headlines here in my country. Well they didn't make it to the finals but i can definitely see a brighter future for football in my country. Thanks to the Whole Azkal Philippine Football team for representing the Philippines well. This is a step closer to one of my greatest my dreams: See the Filipinos united, cheering for the team just like other countries do.

Lastly, I have not been updating my blog well, but surely i will never miss greeting my fellow bloggers in this very special occasion: 

Merry Christmas Everyone.
Christmas is more than giving gifts and partying. It is the time when our savior Jesus Christ was born in a simple stable. Let's keep our Christmas simple and meaningful just like the way it was before.


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