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Things i don't want to change this coming 2011!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyone seems to be talking about things they would like to change about themselves this new year. So i decided to go the other way around. By listing things i don't want to change this coming 2011. 

I don't think a New Year should always equate to changing a lot of things in your life.^_^
Giving quality time for my studies.

Yes, I have realize that i have been studying harder than before and i think it has payed off. So there's no need to change that. I would rather not intensify it because i still want to have a life besides my studies.

Blogging anything i want.

Some say to successfully earn online you should stick to a theme for your blog. But i would rather not i've learn some SEO tricks because of my online job. I've also thought of using it for this blog but i realize it's not where i want this blog to go. This blog has become sort of a diary to me and i don't want to ruin it by going to a different path.


Read:  facebook, twitter and tumblr. Though sometimes it becomes a distraction. I would never try to lessen the amount of time i spend on it. It has been my escape in busy days, communicating with friends is so easy. My cellphone use has greatly decrease and i got to save more.

My interest in football.

I can surely say that my interest for football will not waned easily. It may even increase in the future. So i would continuously learn about it. I will also try to watch more games on tv.

My friends

This is the most important thing that will never change in many years. I really choose my friends and i don't see anything wrong about it. I like my friends to like things i like and be naughty as i am. I'm a picky person i don't like friends that don't last long or forever. So i choose them wisely but once you become my friend and you gain my trust and respect. I'm pretty much loyal and i will never ever say bad things about you. I have found this kind of friends and it will take a million new year for me to consider them as a stranger. They know who they are!!

As for my family i know that a human's life has a limit but as long as i live my love for them will never change.^_^


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