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Back to School June!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Start of a new semester this June so that means less time to blog and mess around. Exactly two years before i graduate and become part of the working force. Still not sure what will happen after that but I'm hoping good things will out number the bad ones. Summer is ending soon too, right now a typhoon is in our country and everyone's preparing for it to avoid major damages.

I'm actually looking forward to this semester because staying at home for a long period of time makes me think of a lot of things i don't wanna think about. Blog plans this coming June is unclear because i still have to check my class schedule. But surely I'll blog but this time around i'm going back to writing my thoughts about different things instead of making reviews. To my readers I hope you all will still support my blog even if for now i'll stop making Asian movie/drama reviews.

June is personally a special month for me cause this month I'll be celebrating my birthday :)

I think i've said it once in my blog that I'm a big fan of Sara Bareilles here's a new song and video of hers!!!

Enjoy the Music and the month of June!!


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