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Racism and Stereotyping

Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading the traumatic experience of one of my favorite travel blogger in the country Indonesia urge me to write something about it, Yes i don't feel good about it and i will bluntly say that they were racist to this two Filipino tourists and practically doesn't know anything about the Philippines that we are being stereotyped as drug traffickers.

Last night my sister and i were talking about racism and I proudly said that racism in our country Philippines is ALMOST none existent but then she blurted "but sadly other countries are the ones who  are racist to us" and i cannot do anything but agree and be sad about it.

Once again it was proven Chyng Reyes's blog No spam, No Virus, No kidding is something i read once in a while because of her travels abroad and her independence to visit other countries alone and when i read about her traumatic experience as an alleged drug trafficker in Bali Indonesia i felt sad not only for her but for other Filipinos being prejudice by others.

Here's her picture for the post:

For me the cruelest part in her experience is not being answered seriously by Immigration officers despite searching through their things and her friend going through a body search. That was an utter example of plain disrespect.

Please take time to read her experience because it may serve as a warning for avid Filipino travelers. The bold story of this blogger also shows another side of us Filipinos, we are not scared to take action and ask for justice when we know we are right. We endure but we strike back when needed.

This is also the reason why i don't want the Philippine Government intervening in other country's Justice System when Filipinos our involved especially when every single evidence is obviously pointing to them. It makes the issue bigger and becomes a headline every time that's why others think that only Filipinos are caught doing drug trafficking.  I believe that if you are at fault, you should be punished because before being identified by your race or nationality, you are a human being capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong and the freewill to choose between the good and the bad.


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