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Unfortunately I'm not flooded with ideas right now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Semester has already started and I've always promise myself that i'll do good in school so I'm taking things seriously and because of this my BLOG have suffered a lot! (Yes i'm guilty of it). So the title tells it all .  the streets of Manila  are flooded but ME UNFORTUNATELY IS NOT FLOODED WITH IDEAS RIGHT NOW! So instead of saying stuffs i'll just tell you my experience last Thursday when the Typhoon Maeri hit the Philippines and i was in school.

My class starts in the afternoon, it was a very rainy day but classes were not suspended since there's no signal(signal nos. refers to the strength of the typhoon) in Manila. The rain was still not that strong when i arrived in school so i was not worried at all cause I thought it was just a normal rainy day. Then halfway my first class the wind started to get stronger and the rain poured heavily and non stop.

All those time i was wondering if the classes will be suspended because when it's raining heavily it's really hard to commute all the way home. To my disappointment classes were not suspended our next Professor came and discuss, And at last all my classes for that day ended. Streets are starting to get flooded and the rain was so heavy that even if you are using an umbrella you will still get wet one way or another.

To my relief getting a ride home was not as horrible as i thought it would be. I've waited a little longer than usual but not long enough to eventually lose my patience. As i sat down the Jeepney (Jeepney is a common mode of transportation in the Philippines). I thought everything is gonna be okay now and i'll be home in less than an hour. But i was wrong i was on the road for more than 3 hours wondering if I'm gonna get stranded since our vehicle cannot pass through the knee high flood. I was getting so nervous because i've heard a lot of horror stories from the past super typhoon Ondoy.

Good thing we were able to pass by the flooded area without the vehicle's tire getting flat and at last i was just meters away from home. But due to the strong wind my umbrella turned inside out ( i don't know if any of  you have experience that and i'm also not really sure how to explain it) and even with an umbrella i knock our door soaking wet but still I was vey thankful because at last i was home safe and sound.

This was the first time I experienced being out when a Typhoon hits the country. Guess i was lucky enough to experience it just now and still lucky enough not to get stranded like the others.

P.S In case your wondering streets in the Philippines just get flooded when it rains non stop and heavily. Not every time it rains. :)

I hope you enjoyed my little story :)


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