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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crunchyroll is mainly a streaming site for asians stuffs
like animes, asian dramas and at the same time also social
networking. I've been visiting this site regurlarly
and participating in the forums as well watching interesting
dramas,animes on it. but in every sites we can observe
some good and bad points and i think it's just right to enumerate
them...but eventhough it's not a perfect site i still like it

Good points

first of all it's free^^

buffering of videos is really fast!

no need to download things(cause in some
other sites you need to dowload it which
takes to much of your time and space for your computer hard drive

awesome community^^

you can see almost all asian stuffs in it.

Bad points

they don't have good quality videos(though it's not that
bad and i think it's bearable)

a lot of license dramas,animes they have some problems with copyrights=(

it think thats all I can observe!!!

but if your interested with the site
u can also type CRUCHYROLL in your


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