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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've been looking forward for this Japanese
series every week it's currently airing in
japan right and Sars Fansubs are subbing
it.It's really a good series and i love the
actors here=)

I don't wanna say anything(i don't wanna be a spoiler!)
I'll just give you links on where to watch it.

* First you can download it in Sars Fansubs using Bit torrent
* you can download it in AZNV.TV but you'll need a Winamp player
for it to work (the download time is really fast just few seconds)
* If you want online streaming you could go to Pinoy Channel and look
for the user misgrasya and dyosa09
* you cannot see all the episodes in Youtube cause they delete it due to
copyrights problem
* it's already sub in english

it's really a must watch! Hope the links help^_^

if you want to have a background about the story just look at it's



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