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His Gay!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So ricky martin's gay..well i have nothing against gay people
but why do most of them have to be smokin hot..seriously.

well back to the the gay issue i know ricky martin and he's songs
but i don't think that in the prime of his career i was old enough to
distinguish a gay from a straight guy..well im still not the best in that
part but there are signs right!

So i don't feel heavy hearted though he's actually hot but i admire Adam
Lambert more because he admitted that he was gay right after AI
and he made it through because of his talent. but i also think Adam
just got lucky because people this days i really open-minded about
this things not like in Ricky's time

Well Ricky your out Livin the Vi da Loca (livin a crazy life)

PS. loca has the same meaning in tagalog which is crazy
but spelled as Loka but commonly use as loka-loka why 
it's in the filipino grammar rule. repeating words...etc



Mauricem April 6, 2010 at 8:49 PM  

Ricky Martin is gay?! Oh, wait. I already knew that ten years ago. LOL Loka means the same thing in tagalong hunh? Guess its universal.

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