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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i haven't really blog in a as you
might know that i'm busy and i guess i enjoy sharing
my stories to my college friends rather than writing here..
but i've miss this feeling a lot just writing what you want and letting anyone
read it..

so what was actually happening to me this days??

i thought i wont be that happy when i start college but
guess what? i enjoy it better than highschool new people,new friends and
a wider world for me..

im not scared anymore. of what? a lot of things like being alone,going places,
long trips, public speaking,being crazy around people,wearing different clothes.
experimenting with make up and most of all trying new things because i was never really a risk taker so that's big thing.

over all im enjoying life now and say anything i want maybe that's the reason why
i seldom write now but i will still try to share any special events in my life to
the world.


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